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The nerve endings in baby’s brain are currently working on creating baby’s 5 senses: touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight. Your senses will tell you, your baby is the cutest baby in history. You’re right.
Vernix, a white thick waxy coating now covers baby’s body. While it may sound funky, it protects baby’s skin from the 9 month amniotic fluid bath baby is sitting in. Most babies will discard most of it before birth, but some will be born with it especially early babies.
With your anatomy scan ultrasound just around the corner many mamas to be are excited to find out if they are carrying a boy or girl. If you are having a girl her reproductive organs are already in place. Uterus, vagina, Fallopian tubes and ovaries containing many millions of eggs (is it too soon to imagine being a cute but hip grandma???) are established.
If you are having a boy his testicles are formed. While his external genitalia is still growing, it will be visible on your scan.

“Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies.”

-Merete Leonhardt-Lupa