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You’re halfway there mama!
Pregnancy is one of those weird times in life where it’s somehow both long and short. But however you slice it, you’ve made it to the middle.
This week you should be (or very soon) having your anatomy scan. If you are finding out whether it’s a boy or girl this in-depth ultrasound will be able to tell you. If you want to keep the cat in the bag, make sure to tell your technician know before you start. You will also get a look at all of baby’s organs and major systems. Who knew science could be so cute?!
Baby has been perfecting sucking for feedings outside of the womb, be it bottle or breast. During your scan you may even catch baby sucking a thumb, should a rogue hand venture to close to baby’s mouth.
Did you feel that??? Most mamas are feeling baby’s kicks now. If you aren’t, don’t worry baby will make sure you know who’s the boss in no time.

“I love you bigger than the world and sky.”

-Marty Klazmer