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Night Time Potty Training 3.5 Year Old

Beginning to Potty Train

For parents with toddlers, the thought that they will do away with diapers at some point seems like a pipe dream. However, it is possible and this is why potty training is a big deal for parents more than the babies. When your little one is able to use the potty during the day, which is a huge milestone. Now you can move to the next step and do night time potty training at 3.5 year old. This is a totally different strategy, with its own challenges. However, this does not mean that it cannot be done. Stick around and learn how you can train your little one for night potty use.

Is My Baby Ready for Night-Time Potty Training?

Before even thinking about nighttime potty training your 3.5 year old, you should establish if your child is ready. Since each child develops at their own pace, it is difficult to put an age that shows that the child is ready. To have an easier time, some experts recommend combining night potty training with daytime training. If your child can follow simple instructions, it means they are teachable. Additionally, if your child can stay dry for several hours, this could also be an indicator that your little one is ready.

Effective Tips for Night Potty Training

Are you ready for night time potty training with your 3.5 year old? Here are some tips that you can follow and succeed in the process:

Have a Consistent Daytime Training Schedule

I know you may be wondering what daytime training has to do with night potty training. The truth of the matter is that they are related and as long as the daytime plan is working, you will have an easier time with the nighttime potty training.

Make Potty Part of The Bedtime Routine

If night time potty training your 3.5 year old is your goal, then it is imperative to make sure that potty is included in their bedtime routines. Let the baby have a consistent bedtime routine that follows a particular order as this will make them learn to use the potty at night.

Make Room for Accidents

With potty training, you take one step at a time. For nighttime potty training, you should be prepared for accidents. This means having waterproof mattress protectors and double-layered sheets on your bed. Have a spare blanket in the bedroom on standby to help salvage the situation if the child wets the bed accidentally.

Final Thoughts

To succeed in night time potty training a 3.5 year old, you will need to be positive and patient. In the event of an accident, do not reprimand the child harshly. Just discuss with your child about the accident and encourage them to do better. There is nothing to worry about if your baby is still wetting the bed at this age; they will eventually master the potty and will use it without a struggle. Be happy with the small milestones that you achieve as you look forward to major achievements.