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Best Potty Training Tips

Is Your Child Ready To Start Potty Training?

Do you believe it is time that your baby stops using diapers? Well, this is an important milestone, and potty training is the next phase. When your child learns to use the toilet, they will love the independence that comes with the process. However, before getting into the best potty training tips, you need to be sure that your child is ready. Some of the common signs that you can look out for are when your baby starts alerting you when they need to use the bathroom and getting uncomfortable with dirty diapers.

If your little one is showing all signs of being ready for potty training, you should be prepared for some work. Whereas there may be challenges, it is not an impossible task, and the good news is that you can have fun with the process.

Here are some of the best potty training tips that can help you with this new stage:

Motivate Them About the Potty

You are just about to go diaper-free but before this, get your child’s morale high. Find all the positives that you share with them about the potty. For instance, you could let them know that soon enough, they get to flush the toilet.

Establish Standard Potty Talk

Start early by establishing the language that you will use. Most experts recommend using formal words that your kids will not feel embarrassed using in the future. Once you have agreed on the phrases to use, you should be consistent with the words to avoid confusion.

Praise and Commend Potty Achievements

When your child gets it right, let them know you are proud of their grown-up behavior. Praising is one of the best potty training tips that you can use, and this can be extended to other things like feeding themselves, drinking water without spilling, and even sharing toys. This excites them to want to do more.

Demonstrate the Use of Potty

At this age, your baby loves to mimic and replicate what they see. Use the toilet to show the little one how to use the potty. Go through the process over and over, and let them keep showing you what they have learned.

Choose an Ideal Potty

When you think about the best potty training tips, you need to be sure that you have the right potty. Look at durability, style, and even the size which is perfect for your child. If the baby is comfortable sitting on the potty, you will have an easier time training them. It could be one with a grip or shaped like a seat.

Be Patient and Consistent

Potty training is not a walk in the park, but you can manage it. While the process may be challenging, it is beneficial to both the parents and toddlers. We have shared some of the best potty training tips, and this should help with the process. You will need to exercise patience and be consistent before you can see the expected results.