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Bathing a Newborn With Umbilical Cord

How to Bathe

It is the scariest feeling ever to bathe a newborn, seeing how tiny, slippery and fragile they are. They look cute when curling up and closing in the minute you strip them off their clothes and try to give them a bath. It's a beautiful sight but no easy task especially with the umbilical cord staring you in the face. This is the tricky part since the cord is the most sensitive part of the baby as yet, and you do not want to make the mistake of a forceful disengagement from the body! You need to give your baby the warmest sponge bath ever, and this will go on for several weeks until the umbilical cord eventually falls off. The cord is the development core of any baby and must be treated with the utmost care. Bathing newborns with their umbilical cord may seem tasking but can be the most achievable process if done neatly and carefully.

The first thing to do is ensure the room is at its warmest; your baby is too tender to be catching a cold, so keeping them comfortable in a tightly sealed room is a great start.

Secondly, for a sponge bath, keep all the supplies ready and close by. Remember it is you and your baby, so there is no room to forget anything because once you start a bath, you have to see it through to the very end. Make available; washcloths, baby soap, a bowl of warm water, a towel and a clean diaper.

Thirdly, choose a convenient space to bathe your baby and be timely. Knowing how fussy they can be when uncomfortable, try to ensure you bathe them in the quickest time to avoid catching a cold. Also, have enough space, so you don’t spill water.

Once the bathing process begins, use a warmly soaked washcloth to sponge each soaped part of your baby’s body gently as they are laid on a flat surface. While taking a keen eye to make sure water does not spill over the umbilical cord. Remember, the baby is soapy and will get really slippery; it’s important to be careful when wiping the body. A mini-sized towel with a hood should be on standby because once you are done, use the towel to maintain warmth around the baby.


This is the only way to handle babies at the early stages of their lives as it keeps the cord safe till it’s ready to drop off. Also, circumcised baby boys need the safety of such baths to protect their developing penis ring until it also falls off. Believe it not, it's also a hard time for these babies, but with parents' tender care, bathing with the umbilical cord will be so much fun and the next step to a long nap.