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Best Way to Bathe a Newborn

Handle Your Baby With Care

A newborn comes with many responsibilities, and as a new parent, you may not be sure about most things. A common issue that most parents search for is the best way to bathe a newborn. Due to the fragile nature of the young one, it is imperative to make sure that you are handling the baby with extreme care. 

Right after birth, most doctors may suggest holding off bathing the baby for a few days. This is because your baby is covered with a waxy substance known as vernix. It is this covering that keeps the baby safe from germs in their new environment. If you have delivered your baby at a hospital, the midwives and nurses will clean the blood and amniotic fluid off your baby. In addition to this, they will show you the best way to bathe a newborn. 

Rather than taking a risk, it is best to ask for guidance so that you can bathe your baby in the right way. In the first few weeks, a sponge bath would be the best way to keep the infant clean. Our primary focus in this post is how to give your baby a sponge bath.

How to Effectively Give Your Baby a Sponge Bath

Until the umbilical cord cuts off and the wound is healed, the best way to bathe a newborn is through a sponge bath. This is a standard method used even in adults who have an injury that needs to heal. Through this type of method, you can keep the baby clean without soaking them wet.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to keep the baby clean:

  • Find a warm enough room so that you can remove the baby’s clothes and place them in a towel. The average temperature should be 75°F or thereabout.
  • Place the baby on a flat surface like a changing table, counter, or even the bed.
  • If you have to lift the baby off the floor, ensure they are safely strapped to one hand to prevent falls.
  • Unwrap one part of the baby’s body at a time and start by washing the face and head. Use a clean cloth and warm water without applying any soap.
  • Once you are done with the head and face, add a drop of soap into the water and wash the rest of the body.
  • Dry the baby, apply baby oil and give them a clean diaper.

A sponge bath is the best way to bathe a newborn, and this will keep them clean. You can make it a habit to bathe the baby about three times a week. Ensure that the diaper area is properly washed.

Transitioning to a Bathtub

As your baby grows, you can start placing them in the bathtub. However, you should always ensure that the little one is under supervision at all times while taking baths. Now that you have learned the best way to bathe a newborn, keep your baby clean!