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Blue Diaper Bag Backpack | Waterproof, Ergonomic Baby Diaper Bag

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Unisex, Versatile Diaper Bag for Mom & Dad: 

This travel book bag is designed for ultimate convenience, whether that’s the three insulated pockets for bottles, large storage space, smooth zippers, adjustable wide strap, or easy to clean material. Having this travel baby bag at your disposal on any trip will make those adventures much simpler. Don’t forget, this is a hands free bag! 

Waterproof Fabric | Easy to Clean: 

This baby diaper bag was made from waterproof material so the outer fabric is resistant to any spills. Those kinds of spills are inevitable, which is why we wanted to make cleaning up those messy as easy and quick as possible. 

Ergonomic Construction: 

This sleek diaper backpack is designed to provide parents with top tier efficiency and comfortability. The wide construction of this travel book bag’s shoulders and straps allows your load to feel lighter, that way you don’t feel weighed down by your baby’s essentials. The weight of the diaper bag will be distributed evenly, so all moms and dads can focus on what’s important, instead of feeling any sort of discomfort. Our diaper bag backpack’s straps are thickly padded to limit fatigue and the pockets are wide to ensure easy access for grabbing or packing items. 

Sleek Color:

This crisp light blue baby diaper bag is perfect for any parent. Don’t miss out and join in with all the other fashion forward moms and dads out there!


EliteBaby’s diaper bag backpack is both multifunctional and fashionable for moms or dads because we keep parents’ needs in mind. This travel backpack is thoughtfully constructed, convenient, handsfree, spacious, waterproof, durable, versatile, and pretty much anything you’d ever want in a baby bag! 

Quality means everything. This unisex diaper bag was made from durable fabric that’s completely waterproof, so when life gets a little messy, the bag is prepared to withhold all levels of wear and tear. This travel book bag has an insulated front pocket capable of holding three baby bottles, which assists in keeping that formula or breast milk at the right temperature when you’re ready to feed. Every zipper was hand-stitched to ensure smooth entry and exit from each pocket. Its large capacity can hold just about anything and everything you will need when taking a trip with your baby. This includes extra baby clothes, diapers, toys, toiletries, wipes, snacks, etc. 

Our diaper bag backpacks design is also a great organizer for all of your essentials. Each pocket was thoughtfully planned out so accessibility was possible within seconds. There’s even an easy-to-grab side pocket for your baby’s wipes. This can be a game changer when needing to change your baby’s diaper unexpectedly or in a public place. 

Pick from two fan favorite colors: blue or pink. Here at EliteBaby, we are parents too. We get all sides of parenthood, which is why we are here to help you conquer all things baby-related!

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