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Full term! You did it mama! Statistically your baby will be healthier now than if it had been born earlier.
Baby is ready, as developed as it gets. Baby will still be gaining a bit of weight but otherwise is ready to come and meet you sweet mama!
At your appointment this week, your doctor may do an internal exam to see what is happening with your cervix. For a vaginal delivery to occur your cervix will soften, efface and dilate. Your doctor will not always perform this exam (unless you request it) because no matter the results, labor will begin when baby is ready. That is to say, even if you are somewhat dilated, your body could stay that way for several days before progressing.
Also be mindful of any new discharge you may be experiencing. If you notice clear liquid contact your care provider. Your water may have broken. It can sometimes be a big gush but also can be a small one. Amniotic fluid will continue to form and then drain. If your water breaks and contractions do not start shortly after your doctor or midwife will need to do something to move labor along before infection has a chance to set in.

“A strong intention, a relaxed body and an open mind are the main ingredients for an active birth.”

-Janet Balaskas