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Baby is busy as always growing and changing. Baby’s arm and leg bones have started to form. And baby’s intestines move out of their spot in the umbilical chord into baby’s abdomen. The placenta is growing quickly too and will take over much of the functions of keeping baby nourished and safe so your body will feel some relief from funky first trimester symptoms soon!
Baby’s vocal chords are forming and ramping up for that very first “I’m here world!!!” newborn scream.
Oh mama! You are in the last week of your first trimester. This is the time when mamas start feeling comfortable telling the rest of the world, not just your close family and friends, that you have a bun in the oven. Now they can all make sense of why you’ve been a zombie the last few months!!

"My goal is to appreciate my body for what it has done."
- Sia Cooper