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Goodbye embryo - hello fetus! Outside the title upgrade, baby is busy at work this week.
While bones and cartilage are forming, baby is starting to practice kicking. (Although it will still probably be some time before you feel any.) Baby is growing rapidly at this point including the beginnings of teeth buds, hair, and fingernails. Baby’s face is starting to take on a rounder more human shape. And the ears are starting to make their way up to the proper spot on the head.
Baby is about 1.5 in long, the size of a strawberry! At 10 weeks that little berry may be making a show of itself as your lower abdomen start rounding out a bit.
If you body isn’t “showing” yet don’t worry. Every body is different as is every pregnancy. Second pregnancies often describe showing earlier. Like the saying goes “The first baby builds the house, the second one just moves in!”

"A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty."