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3-Pack Baby Swaddle | Muslin Swaddle Blanket | Deer, Hedgehog, Bear

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Easy to Use

This baby swaddle blanket is multi-useful and incredibly practical for any parent. It  may be utilized as a sleep sack, burp cloth material, baby carrier cover, tummy time blanket, or 'reflex controller.' The Moro reflex can be a significant challenge, which is the reason we planned a simple swaddle sack. Follow these few basic steps to nail the ideal wrap up swaddle:

1) Overlay your wrap-up swaddle sack into a triangle shape. Then, at that point, adjust your child straightforwardly in the center of the swaddle blanket with his/her shoulders directly underneath the crease.

2) Fold your child's right arm against his/her side with his/her elbow somewhat bowed. Cross that other side of the muslin swaddle over his/her arm, safely across his/her chest, and slide that corner under their body.

3) Overlay the bottom base piece of the swaddle blanket over your child's feet and slide that corner into the top crease.

4) Repeat step 2 with the other arm and you're good to go! 

Soft and Comfortable - Enjoy Better Sleep 

Anytime. Anywhere. Control how your baby sleeps for safely longer periods of time. Our organic cotton swaddle blankets are perfect for long-lasting sleep. Our muslin wrap-up covers are here to assist you with halting restless nights and daytime tiredness. This ultra-delicate material is intended to urge your child to attempt self-soothing procedures so the entire family can rest peacefully. If you're searching for the ideal baby swaddle blanket, you're in the perfect spot.

Universal, Secure Fit

Our soft muslin swaddles are designed to fit all sizes, so you can continue using them as your little one grows. This 3-pack of baby swaddles is designed to be used at all stages of your baby’s development. Probably the greatest test parents face is getting their child to rest, particularly when their baby's surprise reflex stirs them around at bedtime. Stop your baby from scratching their face and uncovering their hands with a swaddle blanket that's made from lightweight, breathable fabric to keep them wrapped tight.

100% Pure Cotton Material

Our baby swaddle blankets are made of the finest 100% cotton, making them super soft and breathable, perfect for your little one's delicate skin. We believe that every parent deserves the very best for their little ones, and that is why we bring products with premium quality and safety. Get the ultimate swaddle experience with our 3-Pack baby swaddle. Made of pure organic cotton, our blanket was designed with your baby’s sensitive skin in mind.


Soft and gentle, yet functional and practical. These delicate, breathable, and versatile muslin swaddles will become an indispensable part of your parenting essentials. The different designs will keep your little one looking stylish all the time.  These wrap-up muslin swaddle blankets have diverse functionalities. They serve as a sleep sack, baby swaddle, burp cloth, nursing cover, tummy time blanket, and so much more. Our 3 pack swaddles are the most versatile baby swaddle blankets you can buy! With so many use cases, they are great baby shower gifts for boys and girls.

Welcoming your baby to the world is an unequivocal experience. Everything your baby is exposed to after birth is completely new for them. We feel that it’s so important to recreate your baby’s womb-like experience so they feel more familiar and secure in their sleeping environment. The cozy fabric, snug fit combination is all you need to help with startle reflexes that may keep you and your baby up at night. Newborn swaddles are the go-to for optimal sleep during bedtime and naptime. It’s 100% organic cotton material is made for long-lasting durability and delicate baby skin.

We at EliteBaby are parents too, which is why we want to give you peace of mind when you lay your baby down every night for bed. We chose unique designs that are perfect for both girls swaddle blankets and boy swaddle blankets with no harsh dyes or chemicals included. Enjoy a better night’s sleep with these warm and cuddly swaddles.

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