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Child Safety Cabinet Latches | Baby Proofing Cupboard Locks | 2 Pack

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BABY SAFETY CABINET LOCKS, NO SCREW: That’s right, no holes, no sticking unwanted tape all over your sliding door cabinets with these childproof cabinet latches. These baby safety latches no drill are the perfect no drill door latch for your child’s safety.

CABINET LATCHES YOU CAN TRUST: Baby proofing cabinets without screws has never been easier with this child proof cabinet latch set. Sliding cabinets are tricky when it comes to child proofing. These are perfect for the doors and cabinets that other baby safety products aren’t built for.

TOOL FREE INSTALL, BUILT LIKE OTHERS AREN’T: Not all child safety locks are made equal. Some cabinets pull open, others slide. Pick the proper cabinet locks no drill that fit your needs. These child safety locks are built for door knobs and the other cabinets and drawers that other products just won’t do for.

NO DRILL DOOR LOCK BABY: These child proof cabinet straps are the perfect safe lock for kids while not requiring holes and tools to get the job done. Cabinet locks baby proofing is serious business. Make sure you have the right child lock for kitchen and other areas of your home before it is too late.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you aren’t happy, we aren’t. Let us know if you have any problems. We will make sure you are satisfied or your money back.


Looking for a tool free install – that can be done in seconds? Have drawers, cabinets, doors that slide rather than bull out like conventional ones? We’ve got you covered! 

These EliteBaby Child Safety Locks Cabinet Latches| Baby Proofing Cupboard Locks | No Drill Door Lock Baby | 2 Pack are the essential baby safety cabinet locks no screw safe lock for kids. These sliding latch for cabinet locks alleviate your worries and fears of ruining your house, as these baby proofing cabinets without screws will leave your home like new after your little one grows up.

Cabinet locks baby proofing is all about finding the perfect child proof cabinet latch that fits each drawer and cabinet in your home, as they all open and operate differently. With tons of child proof cabinet straps on the market, you have plenty of options. Why settle for holes in your cabinets when these lock for cabinet sliding door latches are a simple to install no drill door latch.


Child proof doors in your home today with these childproof cabinet latches!


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