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Dry Bag | Wet Bag | Reusable Wet Dry Bag for Travel | Pink Polar Bear

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Reusable, Washable & Waterproof:

Our wet diaper bag was built to endure plenty of wet bathing suits, diapers, clothes, travel essentials and more. Its material is easy to clean and completely waterproof for any soaked or soiled items. Make sure to turn it inside out before washing. We recommend letting your wet bag air dry to ensure long-lasting quality. Since this waterproof wet bag is reusable, it also serves as a great environmentally friendly essential for your baby needs! 

Extremely Lightweight: 

This wet dry bag is the perfect lightweight companion to carry with you wherever you go. Its weightlessness makes this wet diaper bag super convenient to travel with or to bring to the pool and beach. All of our bags have a durable handle at the top, providing any parent an easy to hold bag that’s capable of being hung on any hook, stroller, handle, or doorknob. 

Multi-functional Dry Bag:

Our wet bag is not only used for wet items, it can also be used as a dry bag for dry travel essentials. We purposely chose a bag that has an inside compartment that is completely separate from the wet dry bag’s outside pocket. This wet towel bag is great for organizing items as well, such as other baby toys, toiletries or other accessories. Think of these wet dry bags as storage bags, cosmetic bags, travel bags, handbags, and more.

Cute Design: 

Designed with a pink polar bear print that’s too cute to pass up!


EliteBaby’s environmentally friendly wet dry bag is the perfect solution for any parent looking for a lightweight, convenient pouch that’s capable of separating wet items from dry ones. This reusable wet diaper bag makes parenting simpler. Now, when the family wants to hit the beach, pool, or a nice road trip, the diaper nappy bag is there to carry any items that get soiled along the way! 

Our bag can be used for many purposes. It’s practical for when you need to carry both wet and dry clothes, diapers, etc. in the same place, but would like to keep them in different compartments. Parents can even get creative with what they can fit in their dry bag. Try it as a storage bag, cosmetic bag, handbag, diaper organizer, washing bag, toiletry holder, or anything else that comes to mind! Its convenient handle allows for easy transport, whether it’s in your hands or dangling on a stroller. 

The material of our nappy diaper wet bag is top-notch. We wanted something that was easy to clean up, machine washable and waterproof, that way you can handle whatever life (or your kids) throw at you. If a sticking juice box happens to leak, don’t sweat it! That stick can be taken care of in the matter of seconds. The outside material is also waterproof, so it resists any kind of liquid that may come its way. When you go to wash your bag, make sure to turn it inside out before tossing it in the machine. Let the waterproof wet bag air dry to ensure long-lasting quality and use. 

Pick from four different adorable patterns: pink polar bears, grey stars, woodland foxes or grey polar bears. Here at EliteBaby, we are parents too. We get all sides of parenthood, which is why we are here to help you conquer all things baby related!

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