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Safety Straps For Furniture | Earthquake Furniture Fasteners | 2 Pack

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TV Straps, Furniture Safety Straps, Earthquake Straps Details

PROTECT AGAINST THE UNEXPECTED: These earthquake furniture fasteners are the anchor strap webbing you need to tie down your tv and other valuables that have the risk of falling when your little one’s curiosity gets the best of them or when an unforeseen earthquake comes out of nowhere.

EASY INSTALL: The included instructions make installation a breeze. These tv safety straps can be anchored in minutes. All you need to is a screwdriver and you are good to go.

QUALITY: When it comes to securing your TV, there’s no room for that cheap plastic stuff. These anti-tip straps are built to hold and anchor those expensive flat screen TVs.

FURNITURE TO BABY PROOF:  TVs, bureaus, and other heavy household furniture can pose a threat to the curious little one. Take the proper precautions to create a safe environment for your child before the first accident.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: It’s simple. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t. We strive to deliver top quality goods at affordable prices. Most importantly, we want to keep you happy and your child safe. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we are here to address them and have you walk away happier for the purchase.


EliteBaby Safety Straps For Furniture | TV Furniture Strap | Earthquake Furniture Fasteners | 2 Pack

These anti tip tv straps are the perfect safety straps for furniture as well. Whether it’s an earthquake you are protecting against or if you’re adding that extra layer of security to help keep your baby safe, these anchor straps for furniture are just what you need to baby proof your tv stand and more!

Package Contents:

  • 2 Anchor Straps
  • 2 Sets of Screws and Washers to Install Straps

We’re tested an extensive number of other alternatives when it comes to furniture straps. We couldn’t believe how many were using plastic, relying on Velcro, or were pushing cheap straps. That’s why we went to work and put together a true solution.

These quality straps are designed to keep your kids safe. They’ve kept our little ones free from accident.


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