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2-Pack Baby Swaddle | Muslin Swaddle Blanket | Unicorn & Swan

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Easy to Use

This swaddle blanket is a great size for all ages - from newborns to toddlers. The lightweight yet extremely soft fabric makes it suitable as a swaddling blanket, nursing cover, play mat, or tummy time blanket. Our swaddle blanket helps your baby sleep safely without the Moro Reflex issues. This is why we had a notch design team to create the best swaddle sack on the market. Follow these simple steps to get the perfect swaddle:

1)     Overlay your wrap-up into a triangle shape. Then adjust your child straightforwardly in the center of the swaddle with his/her shoulders directly underneath the triangle fold.

2)     Fold your child's right arm against his/her side with his/her elbow bent slightly. Cross that other side of the swaddle over his/her arm, safely and securely across his/her chest, and tuck that corner under their body.

3)   Take the bottom piece of the wrap-up swaddle cover over your child's feet and slide that corner into the top overlay.

4)    Repeat step 2 with the other arm!

Soft and Comfortable - Enjoy Better Sleep 

Keep your baby comfortable all night long with these lightweight, cozy swaddle blankets. They ensure longer-lasting sleep for you and your baby. The 2-pack muslin swaddles are here to help you stop the restless nights and daytime drowsiness. The set includes a swan and a unicorn design that will make it easy for your baby to fall asleep. Don’t break the bank buying baby blankets anymore. This ultra-soft material is designed to encourage your baby to try self-soothing techniques so the whole family can sleep comfortably. 

Universal, Secure Fit

Get the perfect swaddle experience when using this universal sizing swaddle! Our unique design is suitable for all ages and all sizes. EliteBaby is a great choice to create a snug fit in every stage of your baby’s development. Our swaddles help calm your baby so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep! While also keeping their startle reflexes at bay. Our newborn swaddle blanket was designed to help your baby sleep, soothe their cries, and grow up healthy. Since the fabric is so soft, it doubles as a blanket for stroller rides or nap time.

100% Pure Cotton Material

Our premium swaddles are designed to make your baby feel like it is still in the womb. Our soft and breathable 100% cotton muslin blankets will keep your little one warm and secure after birth. We strive to offer the highest standard of swaddling to our customers and their children – because no parent should have to worry about the long-term effects of chemicals on their little one.


Our 2-pack swaddled are soft and light, these breathable cotton muslin swaddle blankets are perfect for summer. The multi-purpose swaddles can be used as a swaddle blanket, baby garment, nursing cover, tummy time blanket, and more. Our unicorn and swan muslin baby swaddles and blankets were designed with you and your baby in mind. Our warm swaddle blankets are ideal for busy parents who appreciate flexibility. These soft, breathable swaddles were created to be both functional and fashionable. The size of our wrap-up covers goes from infant to newborn child, making them very flexible and adaptable for all your child's improvement stages. The unicorn and swan design is just one notable quality among many. 

As parents, we want the best for our families. And, the first step is the most crucial remembering that a safe and secure sleep for your baby can become a reality with a 2-Pack baby swaddle. Recreates your baby’s womb-like experience so they feel more familiar and secure in their sleeping environment and design of unique swaddle blanket. Gentle and snug design will help your baby sleep better during the day and night. EliteBaby's muslin swaddle blanket will reduce the startle reflexes and help your baby sleep better. Perfect for parents and newborns. 2-Pack 100% cotton swaddle will help to calm your newborn baby.

We at EliteBaby are parents as well, which is the reason we need to give you true comfort when you lay your child down for bed. We picked extraordinary patterns that are ideal for both girl wrap-up swaddle covers and boy swaddle blankets with no cruel colors or synthetics included. Get your best night's sleep with these blue and pink swaddle blankets. 

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