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Wooden Toys for 1 Year Old

Children’s Toys That Last

Children of all ages are interested in toys, and there are different toys for different ages. When you have a one-year-old, they are pretty curious and tend to break almost anything they lay their hands on. Most toys do not last long, especially if they are not made from sturdy materials. Wooden toys are the best choice, and they have been in existence for a very long time. Getting wooden toys for your one-year-old is an excellent investment as it is durable and can be used for ages without any damage.

Similar to the other types of toys, wooden toys come in all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is identify the specific interests of your toddler before choosing a toy. Remember that besides playing with the toys, this is a critical stage, and your child is developing. Consider finding toys that can improve hand-eye coordination and also enhance the development of the brain. For a baby that has just celebrated its first birthday, you should look for simple toys that are not challenging.

Choosing the Best Wooden Toys for Your Baby

When you look around, many stores sell classic and beautiful wooden toys for one-year-olds. Depending on what your toddler loves, you can find something to interest them. Wood is natural and eco-friendly, which makes it safe for your little one. Here are some amazing choices of wooden toys for toddlers:

  • Small Foot Wooden Toys Natural Wood Rocking Horse 
  • TIANNUOFA 2Pcs Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattles 
  • Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike
  • Little Dove Balance Board Wobbel 
  • Small Foot Wooden Toys Compact Nordic Workbench 
  • PlanToys Fantasy Blocks Building Kit 
  • Le Toy Van Daisylane Collection | Bay Tree Dollhouse 
  • TOP BRIGHT Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer With 4 Mini Cars 
  • Montessori Shape Size Sorting Puzzle Carrots Harvest

When choosing wooden toys for a one-year-old, you need to make sure they are made of real wood. This is the only way to ensure that the toys are safe and non-toxic. Everyone loves wood because it is beautiful and natural, which will be the same with your toddler. They will love wooden toys, and this will provoke their curious mind to want to discover more.

There is an extensive range of toys that you can find on the market, and you can mix up different toys. Choose puzzles, shapes, stacking blocks, and even boards for the little one. With the right choice of toys, you can be sure that your child will develop and grow holistically. You can keep exploring different toys as your baby continues to grow.

Go the Wood Way!

There are different materials used in making toys, including rubber, metal, plastic, silicone, and wood. Getting wooden toys for a one-year-old is the best decision that you can make as wood has extensive advantages compared to other materials. Pick wooden toys and watch as your child enjoys playing with them.