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Weighted Baby Swaddle

Do Weighted Swaddles Promote Babies' Sleep? 

Getting a baby to sleep is relatively one of the toughest challenges among parents. A study from Owlet Baby Care revealed that almost all parents with 6-month old babies or younger get only 1-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. While it’s common and developmentally normal for infants and babies to not sleep through the night – since they need to eat frequently every 2-4 hours – there are different ways to help your baby sleep more soundly.

What Is a Weighted Baby Swaddle?

Also referred to as baby sleeping bags or baby sleep sacks, a weighted baby swaddle is a unique kind of baby swaddle that doubles as a weighted blanket. It works by mimicking the feeling of your hand on your baby’s back or stomach, allowing your baby to sleep more soundly without you having to be around all the time as your little one sleeps.

Most weighted baby swaddles also come with zippers to help secure the swaddle. They also come in different sizes so they fit your baby perfectly, without covering your baby’s nose and mouth. While some parents may worry about the safety of their child in a weighted baby swaddle, it’s completely safe to use with proper swaddling.

Why Is a Weighted Baby Swaddle Safer Than a Normal Blanket?

According to the AAP, loose bedding, blankets, pillows, and even stuffed toys pose suffocation risks and other hazards to babies. Alternatively, a wearable weighted baby swaddle is designed to fit and stay on securely. With the right size, it will not cover your baby’s face so it’s safe and promotes sound sleep for your baby. 

Comfort is a big factor for your baby’s sleep. While normal blankets provide comfort, they are not a safe option especially when your baby is not supervised. A weighted baby swaddle allows you to sleep as your baby sleeps since you can rest easy knowing that your baby gets to sleep with warmth, comfort, and safety.

How Does a Weighted Baby Swaddle Work?

Getting your baby to sleep is a challenging and sometimes, time-consuming process. Most parents would rub and pat their babies’ back to provide comfort. While this is endearing and totally not a big issue, it becomes a problem when your babies’ eyes would open the moment you take your hand away! A weighted baby swaddle helps by mimicking your hand on your baby. With this type of swaddle, you won’t have to keep your hands on your baby’s back until he falls asleep and very carefully take your hand away just so he won’t notice the difference and wake up. 

A regular baby swaddle works by providing a safe and calming womb-like environment to babies. A weighted baby swaddle promotes comfort by adding weight on the swaddle and imitates your comforting hands as your baby sleeps. In addition, a weighted baby swaddle also helps babies transition easier from regular swaddles to sleep sacks by maintaining the weighted comfort they get since birth.

Safety should be the number one factor to consider when choosing products for your baby. With proper size, swaddling techniques, and safety precautions, weighted baby swaddles are a great option that provides comfort and promotes sound sleep for your precious little one.