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Twin Breastfeeding Pillow

Breastfeeding Twins

Having two mouths to feed is a bit of a challenge for a new mother. Juggling between two babies and ensuring that they get enough milk are all strenuous work for a mother. Besides good preparation, having the right supplies in hand can make your breastfeeding journey an easy one. 

A twin breastfeeding pillow is one product that comes in handy when you are breastfeeding twins. This pillow is big and wide that you can make both the babies lie on it and breastfeed them simultaneously. 

How To Use a Twin Breastfeeding Pillow?

The twin breastfeeding pillow comes with a strap with velcro attached to it. Some even come with a buckle. You will have to put the belt in a comfortable position and fasten it. Now the pillow is ready for use. 

You can make the babies lie in any of these three positions in a breastfeeding pillow:

Double football 

This is the position adopted by most mothers while feeding their twins. This position is helpful for feeding newborns. Here both the babies are made to lie on either side with their legs under your arms. You can use your arms to support both the baby's heads. Since the breastfeeding pillow extends towards your back, the baby's legs will comfortably rest in the pillow without dangling down. 

Double cradle

In this position, both the babies will be cradling at the crook of your elbow. First, position one baby with the head in the crook of one elbow. The baby's leg will be on your lap. Now place the other baby on the crook of the other elbow. Cross both pairs of legs in such a way that both babies feel comfortable. 

Combination position

This is a combination of football and cradle position. In this position, one baby will be in a cradle position with the head resting on the crook of the elbow, whereas the other baby will have the legs under your arm, thus maintaining the football position. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Twin Breastfeeding Pillow?

Help maintain a good posture

The mother must maintain a good posture while feeding. If good posture is not maintained, you are likely to suffer from back and neck pain. Using a twin breastfeeding pillow, you can raise the babies to a comfortable position and feed them. 

Help the babies to latch

To get a good latch, the mother must maintain a good posture. By using a twin breastfeeding pillow, you can maintain a good sitting posture. This helps the babies to latch correctly without cracking the nipples. 

Good support for babies

A twin breastfeeding pillow is designed to provide good support to the babies. Thus, you need not worry about the babies falling while feeding. In the case of a conventional pillow, the risk of falling is very high. 

Make Breastfeeding a Pleasurable Experience

To make breastfeeding a pleasurable experience, both mother and the baby should feel comfortable. This is all the more important when you are feeding twins. A twin breastfeeding pillow ensures that you feed both babies at the same time with utmost comfort.