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Tummy Time on Exercise Ball

A Different Approach to Tummy Time

As a new parent, you may have come across the numerous benefits associated with tummy time. Most kids may have difficulty adjusting to the new position, and that is why you need to make it bearable. Getting an exercise ball may be a great way to help your baby love tummy time. This is one of the numerous activities that a parent can use to keep the little one happy. Tummy time on an exercise ball is not only fun but also therapeutic. There are different types of exercise balls that you can choose for your baby.

Remember that the primary purpose of tummy time is to help develop the muscles and strength of the baby’s upper body. Your toddler is still young and delicate, so you should not allow them to be on the exercise ball on their own. Place them on the ball securely while rolling them back and forth on the ball. When doing this, you need to pay attention to the neck as it is still weak. Ensure that the place you are using for tummy time on the exercise ball is clear of any sharp objects to avoid accidents.

Take it easy and start with slow motions to get the baby to adjust to the new activity. You do not need to spend a lot of time with this exercise at it may be tedious for the baby. The rolling sensation is exciting for the baby, and they will learn to be on their belly pretty fast.

Using an Exercise Ball for Tummy Time

Does your child hate tummy time? You can practice tummy time on an exercise ball to calm the body down. Rather than just placing the baby on the ball and rolling them, you can start singing songs or playing games. This is exciting, and you and your little one will look forward to tummy times. Experts say that singing is a great way to make the baby understand your language and follow the rhythm. When you are introducing the ball for tummy times, you can start with shorter sessions. You can have the baby on the ball for as little as one minute.

Initially, tummy time on an exercise ball will be quite involving. However, as the baby grows, they will learn to support themselves and will love it. Allow the baby to roll the ball as far as they can tolerate and not become a miserable task for them. As a parent, you need to ensure that the baby is secure and safe at all times before starting the exercise.

Start Enjoying Tummy Times!

You can enjoy tummy time on an exercise ball with your toddler. Remember that you do not have to get it right the first time; it can take a few more sessions for you and your baby to get the hang of it. Enjoy these moments with your baby and create unforgettable memories together.