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Tummy Time On Boppy 2 Months

Starting Tummy Time

Tummy time is the first and the most important exercise for your little one. It is the time when you make your baby lie on the tummy. You can start practicing tummy time anytime after birth. Start with a few minutes of tummy time and slowly build it up as the baby grows. 

Tummy time offers various benefits to the baby. It is the best way to develop the core muscles of the neck, back, and shoulders. It also helps to avoid conditions like flat head syndrome and a twisted neck. 

One way to practice tummy time in babies is to use a boppy pillow.

What Is A Boppy Pillow?

A boppy pillow is a specially designed pillow used for feeding purposes. It is designed in an arc shape with internal padding that helps hold the baby in place. Because of the peculiar shape of the pillow, you can also use it for practicing tummy time. 

During the first few months, the baby may not have enough neck and back strength to lift his head up and see around. By propping the baby in a boppy pillow, he can see the surroundings from a new angle. It adds a fun element to tummy time. 

You can start using a boppy pillow for tummy time once the baby is two months of age. 

How To Use a Boppy Pillow For Tummy Time?

  • Place a mat or blanket on the floor to provide a grip to the boppy pillow. 

  • Place the pillow on top and make the baby lie on the curve of the pillow. You should prop the baby’s arms and shoulders on top of the pillow. This helps the baby’s head to prop up automatically.

  • Since the baby cannot lift the head at this stage, you can place some colorful toys on the ground to make tummy time enjoyable. 

  • You can make the baby lie in this position till he shows signs of fatigue. When the baby cries or is unable to hold the head, it indicates that the baby is tired. You can then remove the baby from the boppy pillow. 

  • You should never leave the baby unattended in the boppy pillow. If you find the baby’s shoulders slipping off the pillow, you can reposition it. 

What Are The Benefits of Tummy Time in Boppy Pillow?

  • Tummy time in a boppy provides good neck, back and shoulder strength and control to the baby. This development is crucial during rolling over and sitting. 

  • Tummy time in a boppy encourages the baby to reach out to things. This is very important for developing crawling skills. 

  • Making the baby lie on a boppy helps prevent flat head or plagiocephaly. If neglected, a flat head can even cause distortion of facial features. 

Final Thought

Most babies do not enjoy tummy time in the boppy initially. But slowly they get comfortable as they gain strength. For a 2 month old baby, you can start with 5 minutes of boppy time which you can gradually increase as the baby grows.