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Toys for 6 Month Old Baby Boy

Why Are Toys Important for Babies?

Once your baby is six months of age, he wants to know more about his surroundings. He wants to see and explore the world around him, along with developing his motor and cognitive skills. Toys play a significant role in the growth and development of the baby at this stage.

By playing with toys, babies learn to experiment and explore new concepts and ideas. It helps develop their physical, social, and intellectual skills that are highly essential for their normal development.  

Which Are The Best Toys For A Six Month Old Baby?

Pop bead toys

These are large bead toys that can be snapped together and pulled apart. This toy can be used to make a snake or necklace for the baby. 

The main purpose of a pop bead toy is to develop the fine motor skills of the baby. Playing with the toy involves the use of small muscles in the hands and fingers. When the baby pushes and pulls each of the beads, it consists of using these small muscles. Continuous use of these muscles helps in its proper development. 

Activity cubes

These are large toy cubes that can be arranged one on top of the other. Older babies can even make a house with these cubes. 

The activity cube helps in the gross motor development of the baby. Playing with the cubes involves using the larger muscles in the body like the hands and legs. When the baby moves around to grab and arrange the cubes, it provides proper coordination and exercise to large muscles of the body. 


Touch and feel books with colorful pictures make another great toy for a six-month-old baby. Board books are the best for babies at this stage. You can hold the baby's hand, point it to each picture and say the name.

Books are a great way to develop language and speech skills in babies. Using the same book repeatedly will help the baby familiarize themself with new concepts and ideas. 


Balls with different textures on the surface like holes, bumps, and corrugated surfaces make another interesting toy for a six-month-old baby. The baby can touch and feel the surface with their tiny hands and mouth. 

The main purpose of a textured ball is to stimulate the senses of the baby. By touching surfaces with different textures, the baby can make out that all surfaces are not smooth. 

Activity gym

An activity gym comes with different types of small toys to stimulate the various senses of the baby. Teether, rattles, balls, and pictures are some of the toys that are typically found in an activity gym. Depending on your baby's requirement, you can attach or detach the toy from the gym. 

Different Types of Toys

Toys are meant not just to entertain the babies but to stimulate and develop their various organs. While large toys encourage the baby's physical and gross motor development, small toys help in fine motor development. Sensory toys are meant to stimulate the various senses of the baby. Thus, a six-month-old baby requires different types of toys for their overall development.