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The Best Pacifier Clips: EliteBaby Has You Covered

If you have ever been driving to the market with a screaming baby in your backseat and no way to pull over, you will understand what a magical thing a pacifier clip can be. And at EliteBaby we make the best pacifier clips!

There is a spot in the back of a baby’s mouth where the hard palate meets the soft palate. When anything touches it, an automatic sucking reflex is triggered. That’s why babies will start sucking when a finger or a silicone nipple is put in their mouth. 

To make your car rides easier, consider adding a Pacifier Clip Holder to your baby car kit. This way you won’t have to worry about finding the pacifier when you reach your destination, or if it will be clean when you dig it out from under the seat.

Most parents have 2 or 3 pacifiers around the house, and one on them at any given time. At the beginning you don’t mind the baby dropping the pacifiers on the floor, because you think it’s cute. Many months down the road, this cuteness evaporates and you find yourself desperately trying not to overreact as another pacifier ends up onto the dirty, grimy floor? The same goes for the teething toy. Babies just love flinging those in the air. Grown ups report they usually start feeling like their baby is playing catch with them. It is entertaining - but only to a point!

Well, there is an answer to this problem. You’ve probably heard of it and now you’re ready to try it.  Behold the Pacifier Clip. Despite its name, the Pacifier Clip can be used for much more than just clipping pacifiers. You’ll be able to clip that teething toy and never have to fetch it again, or clip the baby blanket and you’ll never have to hike it up again. Great product for keeping track of binkys and teether toys. Your life just got a bit easier!

 Which brings us to the EliteBaby Pacifier Clip Holders. These pacifier clips are adorable! They aren't just decorated on one side, but are folded over and sewn tightly together. They come as a set of 3, and you’ll have other options to choose from when it comes to the design and colors. You could go for the Boy, Girl or Unisex sets You can find all of these and much more if you visit Our Store.

Three fun designs come in these packs of pacifier clips, sure to go with any of your baby's fashionable outfits. The set of three is just enough to guarantee that you'll always have a clean clip on hand. Be ready anywhere by keeping one at home, one in the car, and one in the diaper bag. They are super easy to use, simply use the looped end to hold the toy or pacifier in place and clip the other end onto the child's cloths or onto the stroller or baby carrier. They are made of a sturdy ribbon, so they will not rip or tear by accident (or even on purpose for those of us with destructive babies).

These Pacifier Clips were made to be extra safe for babies - there’s no way for them to accidentally snap themselves, it’s too hard for a baby to lift the flap. 

The clip holders are durable, easy to clean, and are made of BPA-free, high-quality plastic and stainless steel. The elastic band that's on one end of the Pacifier Clip Holder is pretty strong and flexible. Even if a mid-sized person pulled on it as hard as they could, they will stay in place. The metal clip is really light in weight, but strong enough to not be able to do it one handed. This brand is great because of the teeth on the clips. They are not plastic and they will not just slip off like some other brands.

They are a must for any Mom or Dad.

The elastic loop at the end of the pacifier clips adjusts to any number of sizes and makes them easy to use for a variety of purposes. Feel free to attach any item that your baby needs close at hand with these clips: perhaps one can keep a pacifier at hand to soothe fussy baby, while another keeps a teething ring for baby to gnaw on, or you could even use it to keep a cozy blanket around the baby to keep them snug and warm.

Your baby’s paci won’t turn up missing when it’s attached to this bright and fun-colored Pacifier Clip. We found the length of 9 inches perfect for keeping pacifiers, teething toys, baby blankets, drool bibs, and accessories away from germs and close to baby. They aren't so long that they become a safety hazard for the baby, but also not so short that it limits the areas to which they can be clipped onto clothing. Very impressive. The Pacifier Clips hold tightly to most materials. They are washable and don't lose color fast.

The metal clips are strong enough to clip your content securely, but gentle enough so you won’t have to worry about it ripping, pulling off or leaving hole in the fabric. Branch out and use these Pacifier Clips as baby blanket clips for keeping your baby warm and cozy or anything else you come up with.

The clips come as a pack of three, but with this specific brand you will get 8 different set options to choose from. Boys, Girls, and Unisex. The different designs and colors are guaranteed to pair well with any outfit or style for a baby that’s always stylish and hip. They’re also the perfect baby shower gift! So cute.

We offer 100% of your money back if you're not satisfied for any reason, no questions asked! Sounds pretty fair to us. ;)

Anyway, you simply can't go wrong with our EliteBaby Pacifier Clips. You won’t have to worry about losing your pacifiers ever again. Get them today and you’ll notice how easier things are when the Pacifier Clips are around.