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Soothing Overtired Baby

Overly Tired Baby Hacks 

Getting your baby to sleep is challenging as it is, but when he’s a little too overtired, the task can be even more difficult. This is because when babies are overtired, they are more likely to have a harder time settling down for sleep, or they may only sleep intermittently or wake up often throughout the night. This eventually becomes a cycle of your baby sleeping less and less and becoming more and more tired every day. In this article, learn more about soothing an overtired baby.

Signs to Tell Your Baby Is Overtired

Some parents may have a hard time recognizing whether or not their child is overtired and thus, may find it difficult to deal with a crying, overtired baby. Babies who don’t sleep enough and stay awake longer than they usually do may end up developing a stress response, which increases the adrenaline and cortisol, making it difficult for them to wind down for sleep.  

Here are some signs of an overtired baby:

  • The baby has a difficult time settling down for sleep.
  • The baby doesn’t get enough sleep at night.
  • The baby only takes catnaps instead of long naps.
  • The baby falls asleep randomly during the day.
  • The baby gets cranky, fussy, and prone to meltdowns.

Soothing Overtired Baby

It’s important to work out your overtired baby as soon as possible before the issue becomes a vicious cycle. Here are some tips for soothing overtired baby:

Try Swaddling

Swaddling has always been a popular way of helping babies sleep faster and more soundly. This method involves the use of a blanket wrapped securely around your baby with his head peeking out. Wrapping your baby’s body comfortably helps him feel like he’s still inside the womb, making him calm down faster as he feels more safe and comfortable in a womb-like wrap. In addition, swaddling also helps as a ‘motor restraint’ as it restricts your baby’s movements so that he doesn’t wake up when his arms and legs jerk involuntarily.

Use a Pacifier

Babies naturally have an inclination towards sucking. A pacifier can help your child calm down faster and eventually fall asleep. As a tip, hold your baby’s pacifier until he falls into sleep, so it doesn’t fall out and wake him up. 

Hold Your Baby on His Side

The way you hold your baby can also influence his mood. Hold your baby on his side or on his stomach against your chest, preferably in a manner that allows him to hear your heartbeat to calm him down. 

Use White Noise

Another way of soothing an overtired baby is using white noise from a sound machine.  Since babies are accustomed to the womb’s loud noises, they may not be used to the silence. Make sure you use continuous noise and don’t turn off the sound in the middle of your baby’s sleep.

Use Movement

Rock your baby in your arms or use a stroller to calm him down. Just make sure you don’t overdo this as he may find it even harder to sleep if the movement is too much. Just rock your baby as gently as possible.

Sleep is crucial for the health and growth of your baby. Watch your baby closely and respond to his sleep cues promptly to prevent him from getting overtired. Make sure your baby gets the right amount of sleep during the day and night to ensure that your baby is happy and well-rested.