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Potty Training Stubborn Girl

Toddler Potty Training Can Be Challenging 

Successfully potty training a child makes any mom or dad proud. However, if you have a stubborn kid, the process can be quite frustrating. In this post, we will look at some of the solutions for potty training a stubborn girl. Always remember, the fact that training is difficult does not mean that it is impossible.

Before commencing the training for a stubborn baby, you need to establish if your baby is ready for the process. Forget about the studies you have read and what your friends tell you about the right age to potty train; your child is different. In fact, even where you have several kids, including twins, they respond to things in their own way.

So before concluding that potty training stubborn girls will fail, ask yourself if it is time to train them.

Tips on Potty Training Stubborn Girls

Have you just started training your little princess on how to use the potty and they seem to resist it? As mentioned, when going through the process of potty training a stubborn girl, remember that your child is unique and you should not compare them to others. Here are some tips that you can use to make this easier and successful:

Be Optimistic about Potty Training

Are you positive about potty training? From the moment you start talking about it and when you are correcting your baby, be optimistic. Do not make the baby feel bad for not getting it the first time. Even stubborn babies will respond to positive remarks. Potty training a stubborn child is a skill that you will need to learn so as to teach your child. Shaming the baby for not using the potty will not work.

Teach Your Child to Follow Instructions

This is an important aspect for any child and it goes beyond potty training. Work on making sure that your child follows instructions. Having established that your child is stubborn, you should know that they will not respond to demands, threats, and commands. Find creative ways to help the child follow instructions. At any point where the child follows any directions, you should praise them and offer some rewards.

Talk about Potty Training

Stubborn children are strong-willed and want to understand everything that is happening around them. As such, do not assume that they are very young; find a way to discuss the potty training. Allow them to give their views and this may work the magic.

Let the Baby Take Lead

Strong-willed children love being in control and you should let your baby take the lead when potty training. Give them the necessary information and allow them to take charge where possible. Eventually, they will love going to the point on their own.

Final Thoughts

Potty training stubborn girls can be a tall order, but you can make the most out of it. Follow the tips above and you will be amazed at how fast your little one will learn to use the potty.