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Potty Training Resistance 4 Year Old

The Challenges of Potty Training

Potty training your child is one of the many challenges parents face along their journey. While it seems to be easy for some, it may not be for others. There is no right time to potty train a child. Though most of the parents start potty training around two years, some might take a little longer. 

Reluctance from the child can make potty training even more difficult. This usually happens with happy children in their own world that do not like any deviation from ordinary life. When the child shows reluctance, parents postpone potty training which can make matters even more difficult. 

How To Overcome The Potty Training Resistance of A 4-year-old?

Accept the Fact

A child may be reluctant to potty train either because of their stubbornness or because they are strong-willed. Either way, accept the fact. Though these two qualities of the child stand in the way of successful potty training, it may come as a benefit later on in life. 

If the child is strong-willed, the best way to train them is to break down the task. For the first few days, you can ask the child to sit on the potty seat without pooping. Once the child gets used to the idea of sitting on the seat, you can make them sit without the diaper. This step-by-step approach helps the child slowly get used to the new act. 

Make It a Fun Activity

Indeed, potty training is not a pleasant activity for parents. But it would help if you tried to make it fun. Praise the child for every step they take. If your 4-year-old sits on the potty seat without you asking them to, you can praise them. Also, try to add an element of fun by singing some funny potty songs. 

Use Reward Method

You can reward your child for successfully completing their mission. Draw up a sticker chart and mark the chart every time they uses the potty. Once your child gains a certain number of stickers, you can give them a reward. This can encourage them to use the potty without reluctance. 

Consider Medical Reasons

Sometimes a child may be reluctant to use the potty because of some medical reasons. Check whether the child has constipation. If the child has experienced pain while pooping, they are less likely to use the potty again as they will associate the pain with pooping. If you suspect constipation or any related medical condition, you should consult the doctor and get proper medication.

Be Patient

Potty training a child is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and physical and emotional readiness on the part of the child. Coercion and bribery will not work if the child is not ready. If the child is reluctant to potty train, you should first find out the real cause for their reluctance. This helps you to take the necessary steps to overcome the issue.