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Popular Baby Books

The Importance of Reading Books to Your Child

So when should you introduce books to your child? Studies show that you can start reading books to your unborn child while they are still in the womb. However, if this sounds rather weird, you can start reading some of the popular baby books for your infant right after birth. The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages this as an excellent way of enhancing the bond with your baby. By choosing to read to your baby, you will be helping them interact with literacy and language at an early age, which gives them the proper foundation.

What you read for your baby doesn't matter, as they should hear your voice. Reading is fun, and while the toddler may not show interest, you will be helping them start building a vocabulary at an early age. Choosing to read for your little one is one of the best things that you can do for them. This becomes one of the favorite bonding times for you and the kid. Remember that your newborn has come into a new world that they do not have any idea of.

By making it a habit to read some of the popular baby books, you make it easier for the baby to adjust to the world around them. The good news is that your baby will fall in love with reading, and they will foster this habit for the rest of their lives.

Getting the Right Baby Books

There is a certain age when the baby will start gaining interest and get attached to certain books. In the initial months, board books are the best options as they are easier to handle. Such books are made from cardboard, which makes them solid and durable. Here are some of the popular baby books that you can read for your baby:

  • On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman
  • Where Is Baby's Belly Button? by Karen Katz
  • More More More," Said the Baby by Vera B. Williams
  • Time for Bed' by Mem Fox
  • Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers
  • We Are Family by Patricia Hegarty
  • Full, Full, Full of Love by Trish Cooke
  • Look, Look! by Peter Linenthal
  • Little You by Richard Van Camp
  • Someday by Alison McGhee

What you need to know is that your child may fall in love with some books and demand to have them read over and over. As a parent, this can be challenging for your sanity. It is advisable to have a library of some popular baby books which give your baby a wide variety. Think of it as a way of giving your baby exposure, and you should look for diverse themes when buying books.

Get Reading and Have Fun

The list of popular baby books is endless, and there are more being published with every passing year. Cultivate a reading culture for your baby, and you will not be disappointed. Get reading and have fun while at it. You will enhance literacy and language skills for your baby at an early age.