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Online Birthing Classes for Couples

Why Couples Should Consider Online Birthing Classes

It's important for expecting parents to be ready for all crucial stages, from labor to childbirth to breastfeeding to caring for a newborn child. Online birthing classes for couples offer an opportunity for both parents to learn all about childbirth and how to prepare for it. A birthing class also gives partners a chance to discuss worries and set plans for their setup when the baby arrives. Here are some of the most recommended online birthing classes for couples:


This class was founded by Erica Chidi, with more than ten years of experience as a birth and postpartum doula. She began her career in the San Francisco Prison System and helped pregnant inmates. She then wrote the best-seller book Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Motherhood. After her book gained popularity, she began offering services online.

This Online Birth Course costs $95. It's a comprehensive prenatal and postnatal guide that will help you learn the basics of pregnancy and childbirth and help you and your partner understand the emotional challenges that may come after the baby's arrival. The course includes 26 helpful videos, printable worksheets, and access to a webinar with Chidi herself.


Tinyhood offers a collection of online birthing courses that focuses on the essential topics that need to be learned as a new mom and dad. Tinyhood's Baby 101 course costs $49 and consists of 15 different online birthing classes for couples, covering everything from breastfeeding to tummy time to establishing healthy sleep habits for babies. Tinyhood is also currently offering free breastfeeding classes in time of the Covid crisis.

Robyn's Parentbirth Class

Robyn is a wellness specialist platform for prenatal and postpartum workers. On the website, you can find experts trained for the perinatal period, from fitness trainers to pelvic therapists to mental health coaches to acupuncturists and more. Robyn also offers a childbirth preparation and education course that costs $49.

John Hopkins

John Hopkins costs $50, and it presents a more medical take on birthing and breastfeeding with their gynecology and obstetrics department. This is perfect for couples who want to dig deep and understand more about the birthing and parenting journey. The course consists of 8 chapters that focus on pregnancy and labor techniques you can use when giving birth.

Taking Cara Babies

One of the most challenging parts for parents after childbirth is establishing healthy and consistent sleep habits for their baby. If you want to learn some helpful tricks for sleep training, Taking Cara Babies is an excellent choice for you. Founded by a working mom of four, this course was established by Cara Dumaplin, who has helped thousands of couples train their babies to get 10-12 hours of sleep by five months old. 

She offers the Newborn Class that costs $79 and focuses on tools for establishing a solid sleep foundation for babies. You can also get the 5-24 Months Class that costs $179 to $319, depending on your package. This includes a 90-minute video course and consultations with a certified sleep specialist.

Determine the right course for you and your partner!

There are heaps of online birthing classes for couples for you to choose from. To determine the right course for you and your partner, make sure you discuss your priorities and narrow down your options together.