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One Year Old Smash Cake

One Year Old Smash Cake Celebration

The mere thought of the word cake brings nothing short of joy and excitement because of its guilty pleasures. Now when you come across an invention called the smash cake, you definitely want to know how a cake that needs to look prim and prop for display turns out to be a plaything for a one-year-old birthday! 

But this age-old tradition is the whole point of a one-year-old smash cake anniversary. This is an informal way of introducing babies to the exciting world of sweet-tooth, colors and fun with toppings to keep them curious and eager to explore.

Although some people might find this wasteful and unnecessary, times past have shown that the memories created through this event have been nothing short of fabulous. Parents have become inventive by making fluff 4-inch smash cakes with a possible second step and a color-twisted candle not just to keep their babies happy, but to create cute photo images of their one-year-old smashing, pounding and rubbing the smash cake.

Babies are all about excitement so having a themed smash cake might mean nothing to them but definitely brings style to the photoshoot. Imagine your baby boy clad in denim shorts and suspenders along with a cute bow tie or your little girl in her tutus and angel halo...Adorable. But in the end, the attire is of little concern as the cake is set for the quake. 

Smash Cake Considerations

This cake is not your regular fussy and flour filled bake. For fun and play, it needs to come out feeling fluffy, mashable and yummy at the same time. Prepare a batter with enough egg white, cream of tartar, a sizable amount of strawberry or vanilla extracts and don't forget heavy cream frosting; this will be the punch line for a significant smash result.

With this, you will get yourself a light and fluffy heap of sumptuous sweetness with colorful sprinkles, chocolate curls and a decorative candle. You could even add fresh cuts of fruits like pineapples or all types of berries just to give your baby a taste of the sweet and sour experience.

Save all that sugar and yolks for the adult cakes and make the one-year-old smash cake as healthy and waste-free as possible. Remember, after the beautiful pictures with the messy outfits and the cake rubs all over their faces and hair, there will be lots of cleaning. You want to keep your baby away from early sugar-rush reactions; way too soon.

However weird this tradition may seem, it’s a beautiful welcome party for the little one and since the cake is the core of the occasion set for destruction, why waste loads of ingredients? Play it safe and keep it simple but exciting, it’s your baby's one year party! There is definitely a good reason to have fun.