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Newborn Hates Bath

Babies and Baths, A Dilemma

Ordinarily, most people assume that babies love being in the water. However, you may be surprised to find out that your newborn hates bath. This can be shocking and confusing for most parents as they imagined that a bath would be one of the best experiences for the little ones. If you have realized that your baby becomes fussy and screams when they are taking in for a bath, there is something not right.

Before beating yourself up and concluding that you are a bad parent, there are some things that you can try. If your newborn hates bath, just know that you are not the only parent with such a struggle. There are so many other parents who go through the same problems when it is bath time. The focus of this post is to try and make bath time a great experience for you and your baby.

Tips to Make Baby Bath Comfortable

If you are a parent and your newborn hates bath, there is hope for you. We have put together a few tips from different experiences and you should find your tune in a short while. At the end of the day, remember that this is a temporary phase and your little one will eventually outgrow it.  Here are some things to try out:

Songs and Stories

Whatever makes your baby comfortable, you can easily distract them with songs and stories. As a parent, you can use your creativity and come up with some bath songs and stories. This will capture the imagination of the baby and they will love the experience.

Bath Pillows

One of the best solutions, when your newborn hates baths, is to try a bath pillow. These are pillows that are specifically designed for such baths. The good news is that they will retain the warmth of the bathwater and this makes it cozy for the infant.

Check Room Temperature

If your baby freezes when taking a bath, you can be sure that they will not look forward to the next experience. Whether you are using a bathroom or any other room, you should ensure that it is warm enough for the baby. As a way to reduce the time when the baby will be naked, have all the supplies ready before starting the bath time.

Get Bath Toys

Last but not least, toys are a great distraction for a baby that hates baths. It is advisable to invest in rubber toys which tend to float easily and your little one will love bath time possibly too much. Keep the toys clean and dry after every bath so as to ensure that they are safe for your baby.


So your newborn hates bath? There is nothing unusual about that. With these tips that we have shared above, you can easily fix the problem. Remember that if one method does not work, you can always try other options. Keep trying and eventually, you will find whatever works for your baby.