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Newborn Development Week By Week

Week by Week Milestones for a Newborn 

When you have just given birth, there are many questions that may linger in your mind, especially in terms of the growth and development of the baby. Every baby is different and will develop at its own pace. However, there is a general pattern that babies should follow and in this article, we will focus on newborn development week by week. Let us look at the first 8 weeks so you know what milestones to look out for.

Week 1

During the first week, the baby is still a newborn but they can recognize your voice. Most of the time will be spent adjusting to the new and strange environment. While the baby may not understand you, keep talking to the baby.

Week 2

By the second week, your baby has made adjustments and can now see things that are up to 14 inches away. This is approximately the distance between your head and the baby’s eyes while breastfeeding. Make slow movements from side to side and see if the baby will follow. This is important for tracking and muscle skills.

Week 3

At the age of 3 weeks, your baby can snuggle in random movements. They discover your hands and will often adjust their posture towards you. Your scent and arms are comforting for them at this stage.

Week 4

Yippee!!! Your baby is now 1 month old and there are so many milestones achieved by this stage. The baby will start using its vocal cords to make other sounds besides crying. At this age, babies will start mimicking and it is important to start replaying some sounds.

Week 5

By week 5 you will start to see more focused and directed movements. Make time to help them use their body. Tummy time is important at this stage and you can start simple workouts to help them sit.

Week 6

Here comes the big and cute grin from the baby. This is a genuine smile and you will really love how their eyes become bright and wide as they move their mouths. It is an exciting phase of this week by week development.

Week 7

At week 7, your baby starts to gain an understanding of its senses. They will look at certain toys and connect to the sounds they produce. This is the age at which they will start seeing colors partially.

Week 8

Week 8 marks the 2-month mark, and your baby has developed some muscles. They can slightly lift their head. Make use of tummy time at short intervals to help strengthen its muscles.

Final Thoughts

There may be times where you find that your baby has reached some milestones earlier or later than usual. This is a normal thing and there is no cause to worry. With a clear understanding of your developing baby week by week, you can easily keep track of the baby’s growth and tell when something is not right. If you notice any unusual thing, contact your pediatrician.