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My 4 Month Old Hates Tummy Time

Tips on Making Tummy Time More Enjoyable 

“My baby hates tummy time!” This is a common phrase from frustrated parents who feel like giving up. Tummy time is very important as it helps the baby in developing strength in their upper body. However, babies do not know this and as such, they may not take it well. There are some babies that are just not into being on their belly and the moment you put them down they will start crying. 

If your baby gets all cranky and fussy during tummy time, you should not worry. This is a normal thing and we will share some useful tips that you can try out and see the difference. If you are one of the parents who say “my 4 month old hates tummy time”, here are some suggestions that can help:

Start Easy

Do not go for long tummy sessions as your baby needs to get used to being on their belly. You can have the baby down for about 1-2 minutes and then pick them up. By the time your baby is 3 months old, they should get at least one and a half hours of tummy time. However, this should be in small intervals.

Place Them On Your Tummy

Your baby is used to seeing you around and when you do tummy time with them, it is not as bad. Before getting to the conclusion that your baby hates tummy time completely, try this method. Lie flat on the ground with your belly up and place the baby on your tummy, facing down. As such, they will start learning lying on your belly with ease.

Prolong Sessions Gradually

The idea is to make sure that your baby is getting used to tummy time. As such, start building up to prolonged tummy time. This means even when the baby starts to cry, you should not pick them up right away. If after a few weeks there is no significant improvement, talk to your pediatrician for more suggestions.

Stay with the Baby

With a clear understanding of the importance of tummy time to the overall development of the baby, you need to make it work. As such, do not leave them on the floor on their own; get down with the baby and try and create some fun activities while at it. You can have their favorite toys on the floor as well so as to keep them busy.


There are some risks associated with tummy time and as such, you should be there to supervise the baby in the initial stage. The necks are not strong enough and as such, the little one may struggle to lift their head. Keep an eye on the baby as this will also encourage them to enjoy being on their belly.

If you are one of the moms struggling to get through tummy time, remember that most stages in a baby’s life are phases and they will also pass. It is just a matter of time and your baby will start enjoying tummy time.