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Left Out No More: How Dads Can Help Moms Take Care of Their Kids

We are living in a time where gender-based roles are becoming interchangeable. Still, the reality that moms get the bulk of the responsibilities when it comes to taking care of babies or young children is true, even if dads don’t want it to be that way. Most people would argue that dads want to be as involved as possible in every aspect of their baby’s life but don’t always know how to help.  

A past survey by the Population Reference Bureau revealed that when moms and dads were asked who should be in charge of disciplining children, more than 90% from both groups said the task should be a shared load.

Same goes for giving emotional support and basic care. However, when these parents were asked what actually goes on around the house, the moms believed they were the ones who performed most of the tasks while the fathers thought it was a shared effort. A cursory glance of a typical household may support the women’s claim.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. It has become a societal norm to have both parents bring in income to support the family, which makes it all the more reason to split child responsibilities so the mom doesn’t feel overwhelmed. 

So, how can dads get more involved in taking care of the new baby?

Think Basic!

Whether it’s feeding the baby, changing diapers or even just bathing them, dads are perfectly capable of taking care of these responsibilities. All it takes is patience. Dads have to be committed to putting in the time it takes to understanding the little intricacies of their baby. Also, these tasks should be looked at as blessings or even beautiful simplicities of being an involved and loving father, not as chores or responsibilities! 

Make time for checkups

Any baby needs regular medical checkups to ensure they are growing properly. Both mom and dad should get used to taking their baby to the doctor so they know the right kind of questions to ask and are familiar with the pediatrician. This is also the perfect time for dads to practice packing the diaper bag with all the baby essentials. Fortunately, there are now stylish diaper bag backpacks that men won’t be uncomfortable wearing. Our unisex diaper backpack has a contemporary design and neutral colors. More importantly, there are numerous pockets in the bag, some even insulated for bottles, and it’s incredibly spacious. The material is waterproof in case of any accidents and was made durable enough to handle substantial weight for whatever parents need to bring on a trip. The best baby diaper backpack has thickly padded shoulders and adjustable straps to give dads maximum comfort. 



Anticipate their moods

The best way to deal with a child’s tantrum is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This seems easier said than done, but if dads study their child’s behavior closely, they may be able to discover certain signs that precede a tantrum or a negative mood. Maybe the baby starts getting restless or throwing things around the room. These cues should help dads tell when their baby is on the verge of a temper tantrum, and that way they are prepared to redirect their energy to a different activity.

Bond with them

Playing games or even spending quiet time with babies and kids are the best ways to bond with them and build their trust. Consider watching their favorite show with them, finishing a jigsaw puzzle or exploring the backyard. Anything will do, but the most important thing for dads to do is to make them feel like you are genuinely interested in what they want to do. Oh, and don’t forget to be extremely patient when answering their endless questions! 

The main thing to take away from this is how important it is for a baby to be molded by both parents if the circumstances allow. There’s nothing better than seeing your baby grow up into a person that embraces all the traits the both of you value.