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How to Help With Braxton Hicks

How to Relieve Braxton Hicks

Braxton Hicks are false contractions that cause tightening in a pregnant woman’s lower abdomen. They may almost feel like labor contractions, but Braxton Hicks are different since they come and go at irregular times, unlike the actual labor contractions that occur more often and become very regular over time.

Tips to Relieve Braxton Hicks.

Braxton Hicks are called ‘practice’ contractions since they prepare the mother’s body for delivery before the actual labor. They may cause discomfort, but they are not painful and usually do not need treatment. However, some pregnant women may experience worse symptoms than usual. In these cases, there are some remedies you can do to minimize the discomfort. Here are some tips on how to help with Braxton Hicks. 

Take a Break

One of the biggest triggers of Braxton Hicks is physical activity. Although mild exercise and physical activities are usually recommended to pregnant women, it’s definitely not good to overdo things. Take a break and rest to ease the symptoms of Braxton Hicks. Also, make sure to avoid lifting heavy things and avoid stress.

Change Positions

If you are not doing anything but experience Braxton Hicks, you can try changing positions as it may alleviate uncomfortable contractions. You can also take a few minutes of walk, but make sure you don’t overdo it and rest as soon as you feel tired.

Apply Warmth

Warm or hot compress can alleviate the discomfort caused by Braxton Hicks. You can take a warm bath or you can use a bottle of hot water wrapped in a towel and put it on your belly.

Stay Hydrated

Mild dehydration can cause cramping and trigger Braxton Hicks, so you need to make sure to stay hydrated. Make sure to pee when necessary since a full bladder can cause irritation in the uterus and as a result, increase the intensity of Braxton Hicks. If you experience worse or longer cramps than usual, you can also drink a cup of herbal tea that’s safe for pregnant women.

Practice Deep Breathing

Your experience with Braxton Hicks gives you the opportunity to practice some techniques in managing cramps to prepare you for the actual labor. Deep breathing is one of the most important things to practice to cope and manage the pain and discomfort of labor contractions, but it can also be used for Braxton Hicks. 

Practice Mental Relaxation

One of the most effective ways on how to help with Braxton Hicks and even with actual labor contractions is the practice of mental relaxation to manage stress and pain. Mental relaxation with the help of guided visualization can distract the mind and can thus help manage pain and discomfort from contractions.


Braxton Hicks are not alarming, especially if the symptoms are only minimal and do not come frequently. However, if you notice that the contractions are becoming frequent and more painful, make sure to contact your doctor immediately. It’s important for your doctor to check and determine if it’s only Braxton Hicks contractions or actual labor contractions.