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How to Baby-Proof your Home

How to Baby-Proof your Home

It can be a scary thing being a new parent. You go from a romantic stage to having to worry how to best protect your little baby. So the smartest thing to do is sit down and read as much as you can about parenthood, beforehand.

There are many different books and blogs written on the subject. You would probably spend hours researching different safety products. In this article we sum them up for you. No need to waste days searching online. After reading this article you’ll be able to finally sit down and relax. Our research team covered every aspect of baby proofing your home. We even included a to-do list for you.

Why is Baby Proofing So Important?

New parents often don’t consider some dangerous spots in the house until it’s too late. Babies are prone to accidents they let their curiosity get the best of them. Things get much worse once they turn into crawlers. They will want to explore every part of your home. They will want to get into everything, touch and lick anything.

There are many dangers lurking in the kitchen cabinets, so many outlets and bathroom appliances. If you’ve ever forgotten to close the bathroom door when you were younger, you’ll probably do it when you’ve got kids. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just human nature. Just make sure your washing liquid and such are stashed away.

We focus so hard on being perfect that we forget to work on some basic things. This is why you need to make sure your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms are safe and secure. Parents use all kinds of cabinet locks, latches, corner bumpers, safety gates and much more.

How to protect your newborn and toddler? Here’s the list:

Baby Gates are a good place to start, you can ward off a certain part of your home so your baby won’t be able to get in there. People usually use them around the fire place, but they work like a charm for stairs as well. There are many different models, but people prefer the ones that allow you to open/close with one hand. Baby Gates that you “jump across” get cumbersome after a while.

Baby Play Pens are just brilliant. Instead of worrying whether you’ve locked all the doors and cabinets, you place your baby inside a closed space. Like a safe play space. Most parents love these brilliant constructions. Some use them for their pets as well. However, do not get the ones with horizontal holes in them. They tend to work like ladders for the more adventurous kiddos.

Pacifier Clips are perfect for keeping pacifiers, teething toys, baby blankets, drool bibs, and accessories away from germs and close to your baby. You really want to keep those things super clean. People seem to really like our EliteBaby designs and colors.

Baby Cabinet Locks/Latches are a must for any parent wanting to protect their child. As we mentioned they work great for pet owners. They are designed to keep prying fingers away from chemical products or anything that could harm your little ones.

They come in many shapes and sizes, but the biggest difference is if they’ll be placed either inside or outside of the cabinet doors. You can choose between the standard Adjustable Safety Locks and the new age Magnetic Cabinet Locks.

They both work great to protect your baby. Just stick them on with the 3M adhesive that is already on them, and you’re good to go. You can't always be right on top of your kids, watching their every move. We're here to help.

Here’s what people have said about the Magnetic Cabinet Locks:

“…Mom and Dad are both more comfortable leaving "grown up stuff" in the drawers now… ”

“…They let you baby-proof your house without it looking like a toddler play place…”

“…Magnetic baby locks that you can't see from the outside of the drawer!?! What is this, the future?”

Reorganize your home. Move all the cleaning supplies and detergents to the very top cabinets. Bottom cabinets (even if you use safety latches) should hold things that are safe for baby to find. Move plastic and paper bags and anything sharp to high drawers, and put safe things lower.

If you use any kind of medicine, keep it in a hard-to-reach drawer or cabinet with a safety latch. Kids will eat supplements like candy. Also get any cords out of the way and insert plugs in all the outlets.

Basically anything that goes below your knees in your home will probably need baby-proofing.

Don't Forget The Bathroom! Make sure you secure your toilet seat, it is a huge safety hazard for toddlers. Remove all the detergents, chemicals and liquids and store them high, and locked away. Check if your toddler can climb on anything in the bathroom.

Use Corner Guards on any furniture with sharp edges. Baby proofing corner protectors keeps your little ones safe from sharp corners on tables and counters! You can choose between our Cushioned Corner Guard Bumpers that come with 3M adhesive tape or our Clear Table Corner Guards.

The Cushioned Corner Guard is made out of a really thick foam and the backing is very strong. It will protect your child on many occasions. Toddlers seem to have the tendency to attract sharp edges.

Here’s what people are saying:

“…Well worth the money. Better this than stitches…”

“…These are perfect. They are a super soft squishy feeling material and they fit great…”

“…the 3M is really sticky and hasn't fallen off yet…”

Unlike some corner protectors the Clear Corner Guard  is neither ugly nor obtrusive and practically invisible on your furniture. It wraps perfectly around the corners and it really protects you and your children.

Here’s what people say about it:

“…this is a very nice set of bumper bubbles that will protect your little one from corners…”

“…They are nice and thick and your child will absolutely get the cushioning they need…”

“…Great product, I recommend highly…”

So to wrap things up, now you have a complete idea what to be mindful of, before you bring your baby home.


One more thing before you go, even with all the cabinet locks, latches, baby gates etc. you still need to watch your baby at all times. Our products are not meant to replace proper supervision, rather to protect you and your baby when your attention happens to wane a bit.