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How Much Does A Babysitter Cost

What to pay your babysitter

Raising children requires a community—and a babysitter may be an absolute necessity to enable you to get some much-needed rest and time to yourself. It is the question "How much does a babysitter cost?" Many parents want to know how often to get a babysitter for their baby. A study by showed that 74 percent of parents rent a babysitter once a month. You'll probably require an extra budget for a neighbor or close friend that will watch the kids while you enjoy some free time. A babysitter who costs between $17.73 and $21.49 an hour might have a steep price level, based on where you live.

What's the Average Going Rate for Babysitters and Nannies?

When determining what to pay your childcare or babysitter, it's vital to develop a competitive rate to attract more quality candidates. However, many critical factors must be considered when deciding on a pace. Use the information in this report to compare babysitter and child care rates in your location and align on a fair market value per hour for your babysitter.

How Much Does a Nanny Cost?

The amount of nanny pay value-based on position, occupation (full-time live in/live out), training, and experience can affect rates. Based on historical information, nannies generally earn $19 per hour in 2022.

  • Recent research indicates that 54% of American families typically tip their nannies.
  • 50% of nannies are compensated in this manner for travel expenses incurred.

You might also want to provide employment benefits, like paid time off, health insurance, gasoline money, and mobile phone coverage. The pay generated by nannies working from set hours is often a weekly, monthly, or yearly rate, determined based on an hourly rate.

How much does a babysitter cost?

Unlike nannies, babysitters tend to work part-time or intermittently for a few families at a time, are usually paid hourly wages at the end of a shift, and are subject to local cost of living and minimum wage laws. Sittercity data states that the national average hourly rate for babysitters in 2022 is $17.50 per hour.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Babysitter:

Other factors that may affect cost independently of location include the reach of the babysitter's experience and education level. Do you desire to hire a babysitter for your child? If so, you have a few helpful factors that you should consider before choosing someone.

  • Number of Children: As any parent can attest, more children means more work than would arise between children of the same age. For each additional child, pay your child care provider an extra dollar or $2. (i.e., If the base rate is $16 per hour for one child, the cost of the second child will be $17 per hour.)
  • Certifications: There's quite a difference in experience between childhood and nanny care and between your cousin's sixteen-year-old daughter and a nanny of ten years who is CPR and first-aid certified. Plan to compensate your nanny accordingly.
  • Additional Responsibilities: Have in mind that if your babysitter expects to pick up your children from school, help with homework, or perform household chores such as cooking dinner or cleaning, these additional services will generally entail a higher price tag.
  • Special Occasions: If you intend to hire someone for a sitter for New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day, expect to pay more than typically. At these times, sitters are in high demand.
  • Travel and Expenses: In big cities such as Manhattan or San Francisco, Sadlers cost more than those in smaller Midwestern cities, but then you also have to think about how long it takes for them to come to work. If the cost of a sitter's drive to your house is more than 45 minutes away, you may have to add extra compensation to compensate them for their time.
  • Skill-level of the sitter: If your loved one has been babysitting for a few months, you may want to pay her usual fee. But if you're going to hire a sitter and are looking for a sitter who has plenty of experience, or if you want to hire a sitter who has completed training or gotten certifications, like CPR, then their services will cost more for them. The amount varies according to their level of experience and level of interest.
  • Other considerations: Many babysitters request a specific hourly rate for watching a child. Some babysitters may also charge extra for on-site expertise, such as the American Red Cross babysitting certification or early childhood education accreditation. Additional payment might be added if the tasks are primarily undertaken when driving or the babysitter utilizes her vehicle.


I hope you got your answer to this question: how much does a babysitter cost? The average babysitter costs between $10 and $15 per hour. It is important to remember that cost can vary depending on the location, the age of the child, and the experience of the babysitter. If you are looking for a quality babysitter, be prepared to spend a little more. However, if you are on a budget, plenty of affordable options are available. Be sure to ask around for recommendations or check with your local childcare center.