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For Any Season: Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Finding out you’re pregnant is undoubtedly some of the biggest news you can break to family and friends! Perhaps, that’s why it’s so popular to throw gender-reveal parties and baby showers. Though both events are worth celebrating, baby showers are more practical for prepping our future mommies!

Baby Shower Inspo for Every Season 

Winter: Little Snowflake 

This one is especially nice if you don’t want to know the gender of your baby before he/she arrives because the color scheme can have whites and silvers - completely gender neutral!

If you plan to have something more intimate, this theme is great for cuddling around a fire, sipping hot chocolate, crafting with marshmallows and picking at sugar cookie platters.

Decorations can all be DIY as well! Adults and kids can help cut out snowflakes to hang from the ceiling and silver sequins can be scattered across the tables. For centerpieces, consider putting together flower vases filled with baby’s breath and sprigs of pine.

Spring: Blooming Baby

Throw a baby shower full of garden arrangements and flowers in honor of that blooming baby. Depending on where you live, a spring baby shower is perfect for the outdoors.

The mildly warm air and lingering smell of the rain is sure to lift everyone’s spirits after a cold winter. This theme is also perfect if you’re looking for something gender neutral because you are able to incorporate any colors you desire in the decorations. Just picture warm and cool colored streamers, lights and balloons surrounding you!

Complete your setup with some handheld sandwiches and fruit basket centerpieces so you can remind your guests how fun it is to be outside at a picnic.

Summer: BBY-Q Cookout 

What does summer usually mean aside from plenty of sunshine? Backyard barbecues and family cookouts with plenty of grub!

This is another great gender-neutral idea that is more inclusive for moms and dads. While the soon-to-be dad and his buds grill out, the ladies can enjoy the DIY ice cream sundae bar to cool off.

This theme can be very laid back where everyone can sit around picnic tables or on blankets and simply enjoy the outdoors. You could even play a family-friendly game of pinning the stinger on the bee if kids are attending.

Fall: Little Pumpkin 

Take in the crisp autumn breeze and throw your fall baby shower outside. Think about all the vibrant colors you see on the trees during this time of year and match that with your color scheme.

Put together some baby pumpkins and gourds as your centerpieces to compliment the Halloween season. Since it is fall, there are plenty of DIY games or crafts you can make that relate to Thanksgiving as well.

If men are attending this baby shower, set up a projector or bring your TV outside so you can throw on some football.

One more thing...

It’s always great to show appreciation for the guests by providing them with a baby shower gift basket at the end of the festivities. These don’t need to be fabulous or super expensive. Some simple tokens will convey just how grateful you are - even baby shower thank you cards will also do the trick.