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Epidural Side Effects after Birth

Side Effects from Receiving an Epidural 

Giving birth comes with some serious pains and this is the reason why most women try to find ways of reducing the pain. An epidural is one of the common options used by most mothers and this is some form of anesthetic that keeps the sharp pains away from the brain.

The epidural space has some fluids which are all around the spine. As such, when the anesthetic is injected into space, it keeps pain at a minimal. Before considering this option, it is important to know of the possible epidural side effects after birth.

When labor begins, the medication will be injected into the lower part of the spinal cord. If the administration is done in the right way, the pain in your lower body will cease.

The dose allows you to be able to move your legs and you can also move around with some assistance. For women who are having a baby through Cesarean section, epidurals can also be used as anesthesia.

What Are the Side Effects of using Epidural?

There are different epidural side effects  depending on how it is used. The type of local anesthetic used to deliver the epidural is what will influence the side effects. Itching is one of the common side effects and when this happens, you may want to get an alternative. Here are some of the side effects of an epidural:


About 23% of women experience fever after an epidural. When this happens, it is advisable to consult a doctor so as to establish if the fever is triggered by other things.

Low Blood Pressure:

About 14% of women may get a drop in their blood pressure from an epidural. This may cause nausea and dizziness.

Difficulty in Urinating:

One of the other after birth side effects is some problems urinating. To solve this, women end up using a urinary catheter for a while once they have gotten an epidural.

Generally, there are no post-birth epidural side effects that are known to be extremely dangerous and risky. As for the baby, there are no studies that show any adverse effects that are caused by an epidural.

Before going on with the procedure, your doctor will explain all the possible side effects, during and after the epidural. There are women who tend to complain of severe headaches for several days after delivery. This is attributed to the loss of spinal fluid where the protective layer is punctured.

There have been claims that back pains are also possible side effects. However, studies have shown that women who used other forms of pain management procedures experienced more back pains.

Final Thought

There are different types of painkillers that are used during childbirth. The epidural side effects are not as severe as with other types of pain relievers. Most experts recommend an epidural as it is effective and has fewer side effects. Consult your doctor before choosing a pain relief option.