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Do You Need a Pacifier Case? Of Course!

When you have your first baby, you likely have gone through your list of needs ad nauseam before the baby is even born. If you've already had your baby shower, your home is likely already stacked with more supplies than you know how to handle. 

While you're checking off the boxes, don't forget a case for your pacifiers. Believe it or not, this often overlooked item will quickly become the MVP of your baby supply stash. 

Read on to learn more about why a pacifier case is an essential tool to have. 

It Keeps the Pacifier Clean When You Throw it in the Baby Supply Bag

Baby bags can quickly get messy. The pacifier will inherit some of this sticky, gooey mess if it's allowed to sit in the bag uncovered. 

You can easily toss a pacifier in the baby bag without a second thought when you have a case. It keeps the pacifier clean so that you can put it in your baby's mouth without worrying. 

The Case Keeps the Pacifier Sterile and Your Baby Healthy

Aside from general cleanliness, you need to think about these cases from a health and sterility standpoint. 

It's commonplace for your baby to get sick in their first few years as their immune systems build. Keeping the pacifier sterile strikes a balance to prevent your child from getting sick unnecessarily. 

These pacifiers are even known to breed strep and staph bacteria from the inside out. 

Pacifier cases remain airtight even when they're jostled. This reduces the likelihood of any bacteria contaminating your baby's pacifier. These cases are durable and hold up over time, so you can take them with you anywhere and get plenty of use from them. 

Your Pacifier is Easy to Keep Up With When You Have a Case

Almost as important as anything else, the case helps you keep up with the pacifier itself. Pacifiers are so easy to lose, particularly if you have a fussy baby that tosses them aside.

Investing in a pacifier case makes it easier to keep up with. These cases are often made with fun colors and designs that won't get lost among the clutter. You can even purchase a 3-pack of pacifier cases so you always have backups ready to go. 

Since so much about getting your baby ready for the day comes down to planning and organization, take every edge that you can get. Having some handy pacifier cases will provide you more of an edge than you probably knew. 

Invest in the Right Pacifier Case for Your Baby

Pacifier cases are just as useful whether this is your first baby or another addition to a large and happy family. Look for the perfect pacifier case option for your needs. 

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