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DIY Smash Cake

One Year Old DIY Smash Cake 

Your baby has been around for twelve months now! This is big and should be celebrated, and there is no better way than having a smash cake for the party. Traditionally, most people usually buy a smash cake that compliments the main cake.

However, you can make this better by choosing to do a DIY smash cake. There are so many themes you could try out and as a parent, this is your chance to show your family and friends just how creative you can be. When thinking about the recipe for the smash cake, it is advisable to consider natural sweeteners.

So what is a smash cake? Just as the name implies, it is a small cake that is made for babies, especially for their first birthday. The purpose of the cake is to give your baby a treat as they start to experience the sweet side of life. You can choose the size of cake that you want indulged by the little one. As a matter of fact, most parents choose to have a cupcake or a simple cake. Whatever the case, you will have fun as you watch your toddler dive into the cake.

Rather than buying the smash cake for your little champ, how about making your own? Let’s share a simple DIY smash cake that you may want to try out.

DIY Smash Cake Recipe

Are you ready to make a smash cake for your baby’s first birthday? Let’s get started:

You will need:

  • A small baking tin
  • Cake batter
  • Parchment paper
  • Frosting and a gun
  • A candle

DIY Smash Cake Process

  • Fill your cake tin 1/3 of the way with the cake batter and bake.
  • Once it is ready, you can play around with the frosting. Use a frosting gun to decorate the cake.
  • You can add some sprinkles if you want to and then place the candle.

Get Ready for the Party

The good news with the DIY smash cake is that it is not a competition! You get to have as much fun with it as you desire. Keep in mind, the best time to serve the smash cake is at the end of the party.

The baby should be allowed to dig in with their fingers so that they can enjoy their first taste of treats. Before placing the cake, have the camera ready so you can capture every moment. If your baby does not know what to do with the cake, you can guide them by smashing some part of the cake.

Smash cakes do not necessarily have to be actual cakes. You can choose to have your DIY smash cake in the form of doughnuts, marshmallows, or jello. Do not stress about it, just have fun and enjoy the day.