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Cupboard Locks

Baby Proofing Solutions


Today we will tell you:

  • A things or two about baby proofing
  • Why it is so important to baby proof


What does baby proofing mean?

Baby Proofing (sometimes also known as Child Proofing) is essential to keeping your baby safe in your home. It means making an environment or room safer for children. If you are expecting a baby, you need to be prepared to childproof the nursery, living room, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace - any area of your house that poses a threat to your baby. Before you bring your baby home, you need to learn the basics of baby proofing, get childproofing tips, find out about the best baby proofing products available online and so much more.

Why is it so important to baby proof your home?

It is very simple: because you want your baby to be safe all the time, and you can`t always keep an eye on her. Even though your home seems like the safest place on Earth, it is not. It is full of sharp edges, heavy objects that might fall and hurt your baby, different chemicals and other things that could be a potential danger for a developing child who gets more and more curious each day. One of the more common methods of childproofing is to move potentially dangerous items to higher levels, beyond the reach of young children. This may include small items that pose a choking hazard, sharp items that might poke or cut a child, breakable items such as glass vases and anything that is long and flexible, like ropes and cables.

Try A New Perspective

If you want to get a better understanding of the potential dangers around your house, getting down to the eye level of your child will make you see your house the way your child does. Playpens or safety gates are some of the options that will be useful to keep your baby safe and to keep her away from possible dangerous objects in the room. One type of lock is an inexpensive device which can be easily installed into drawers, cabinets, or other places to prevent easy opening. It consists of a bendable plastic rod with a blunt hook on one side, and is situated on the inside of the drawer or cabinet. Another great option is baby locks, made of plastic or metal, used to keep the things in your cabinets and drawers out of reach. Today we will introduce you to some of the best cupboard locks to buy online! They usually come in a package of 5 or more, so you can use it for different parts of your home you want to secure. They are very handy and easy to install, and they can last you for a very long time. With the help of these amazing locks, you can be sure that all those breakable or heavy items, detergents, precious objects etc. will be on a safe place, and that your baby won't hurt herself while discovering the environment of your home! Check out a few of the products we have carefully selected for you.


Cupboard Locks: Best Options That We Sell


  1.  EliteBaby Adjustable Child Safety Locks - 8 Pack


You are another of those worried parents who have a kid that's getting so curious about what's hiding in all those cabinets? And it gets even worse as they begin to crawl or walk. Yes, we understand. These are the same problems who has every other worried parent.  Elite Baby Adjustable Child Safety Locks are something that will make your life easier and keep your baby safe all the time.

These baby proofing cabinet locks secure furniture, appliances, and doors to protect your child from harm in every room in your home. In the kitchen they will secure cabinet latches, cupboards, drawer locks, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, microwave and a trash can. If you have a laundry this way you can easily secure your washer, dryer or laundry hampers. We all know bathroom is very interesting to kids since they all love to play with water. Secure your cabinets, shower doors and of course- a toilet seat. If your bedroom space contains closets, desks or drawers- secure everything with these safety locks and worry no more. 

The Elite Baby cabinet latches are made of the best quality, completely non-toxic materials available,  they have the longest adjustable length on the market, they are universal and can be installed anywhere and on anything. They're very durable, flexible, and will hold up beautifully under heavy duty use.

It is very easy to install them: you will place them anywhere you want within seconds, with no need for tools or drilling. Baby lock by simply adjusting the strap to the desired length, peel off the adhesive from both pads, and attach to cleaned surface. So simple and easy! If you want to remove the locks, heat 3M foam tape with hair dryer on low heat until loose, then remove pads. No damage and no residue is left.

In this amazing package you will get a super value pack of 8 adjustable child safety straps with innovative push and slide design.

Keep your home a happy and safe place for your little one! Make your life easier and full of joy with these Elite Baby adjustable child safety locks for every room in your home.


  • You get 8 safety straps in a package
  • White color, non-toxic high quality plastic
  • Adaptable and easy to install and remove
  • Baby proof cabinet latches with industrial strength 3M foam tape that holds up to 55 lbs. for heavy-duty daily use
  • 3M adhesive bonds to all materials and removes easily without damaging surfaces or leaving behind any residue.
  • Can be used on both flat surfaces and corners
  • Keep your baby safe and happy
  • Secure every room in your home
  • If you are not satisfied with product you get your money back


If you think these cupboard locks are something you need, check out more details here:




  1. EliteBaby Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks - 8 pack + 2 Keys


Are you expecting a baby and you are worried if your home is a safe place to be? Or you are worried because your little one gets more curious each day? You want all the things you keep in the cabinets and drawers out of your baby`s hands? Elite Baby Magnetic Locks are the products you’re looking for. You won`t be able to imagine your life without them!


These locks are the perfect solution for those areas in your house where you keep items that you want to be out of reach for your kids. The installation is very simple and easy. Just install the lock inside the drawer, cupboard or cabinet and use one of the two powerful magnetic keys to open the lock when needed. Also, if the kids are away, you can set the lock to remain in the open position, so you can use the lock only when needed. You do not need to drill holes to place the locks where you want: All you need to do is spot clean an area of the cabinet/drawer, apply the 3M adhesive, let it settle for 24 hours, then use! All done with less than 3 minutes of work!


In this amazing and practical set you will get 8 locks and 2 keys – which will help you secure multiple locations in your house as well as placing keys throughout the house for easy access when needed. Unlike all the other baby locks and baby latch solutions available on the market, this amazing Elite Baby magnetic set achieves the security you’re looking for without sacrificing the look and style of your home. We can also promise you, these cupboard locks will be useful even when your kid grows up!


  • You get 8 locks and 2 keys in a package
  • Perfect for every room in your house
  • These locks will help you secure those cabinets, drawers, cupboards and other areas at home or in the kitchen that you want to keep them out of
  • Easy and simple installation: No need to drill all those holes to install
  • The innovative magnetic cabinet lock system will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for
  • Keep your baby safe and make your life easier
  • In case you are not satisfied with this product, you get your money back


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 We hope that after reading this post you have all the information you need on cabinet locks and how to baby proof your cabinets!