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Co Parenting In Different States

Joint Parenting in Different States- How to Keep the Bond

The perfect setting when parents separate or get a divorce would be to find a way of keeping the bond with children. As such, most spouses choose to live within the same area for easier arrangements. No child wishes to lose either of their parents and this becomes even more tormenting where one parent has to relocate to a different state altogether. One of the biggest hurdles that parents face after separation is co parenting in different states. However, there are some things that can make it easier for you, your partner, and the kids.

Let us look at some of the tips that can make such arrangements work seamlessly.

Come Up with a Schedule and Stick to It

The very first thing that you can attempt with your ex-partner is creating a practical schedule. Having a definite schedule which you will stick to at all costs is imperative. At their tender ages, children learn to trust and it would help to keep the trust by sticking to the schedule. While being there for all the major milestones in your children’s lives may not be possible, respecting the visitation schedule and keeping in touch goes a long way.

Mark Important Dates and Milestones

Communication is crucial when it comes to co parenting in different states. If you are not the one living with the kids, take it upon yourself to mark all milestones and important dates in the child’s life. Every time you speak to them, find out about such activities and events and they will really tell that you are in their lives. Give them assurances the next time you will see them and show enthusiasm about seeing them on the next visit.

Encourage Constant Communication

As the parent who is living with the children, you should find ways of encouraging the kids to speak to the parent who is in a different state. If you are still emotional, the best way to handle co parenting in different states is to find a neutral way to keep the kids in touch with their mom or dad. In the event of a cancellation of a visitation appointment, encourage and comfort the children without tainting the image of the other parent.

Little and Meaningful Gifts

Every parent agrees that getting gifts that children make is the best feeling. The focus of co parenting in different states should be bringing out the best in your kids. Find stationery and other essential supplies to encourage your children to draw, paint and even write letters. Get exchange gifts for your little ones every time they have something for you.

Final Thoughts

Co parenting in different states is not everyone’s cup of tea but you can make it work. With the simple tips shared here, you can make your kids get the most of each parent even after separation. While some of these tips seem to be easy and simple, the success of your journey will be determined by your willingness to follow through. At the end of the day, remember you are doing this for your children’s well-being.