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Clear Plastic Corner Guards

Baby-Proofing Your House

Once your baby is six months old, you can witness a growth spurt in them. They will start crawling, moving around, standing, and eventually walk around the house. As parents, you should be extra vigilant during this stage as accidents are likely to occur. Baby-proofing the house is one way to protect your baby from getting injured. 

Several products are available in the market for baby-proofing your house. One such product that is inevitable is a clear plastic corner guard. 

What Are Clear Plastic Corner Guards?

Clear plastic corner guards are products that are designed to cover the pointed edges of walls and furniture. It provides a cushioning effect to the pointy edges so that even if the baby accidentally bumps it, they will not get hurt. 

Clear plastic corner guards are made of PVC material and come with high-power adhesive. Thus, the baby cannot pull it off easily. You can use corner guards to protect the corner of tables, beds, chairs, or any other pointed corner that poses danger to the baby. 

What Are the Benefits Of Using Clear Plastic Corner Guards?

Baby Proof the House

The primary purpose of installing corner guards is to baby-proof the house. Babies are unaware of the danger posed by sharp corners. When they walk past these corners, they tend to hurt themselves. As they grow, there are chances of them bumping against these corners as they run. By installing corner guards, you can cover the sharp corners, thereby avoiding accidents. 

Maintain the Original Look of the Furniture

Unlike metal and colored corner guards, clear plastic corner guards are transparent. These guards are not quite visible when installed. Thus, you can protect the furniture without affecting the overall visual appeal. 

Easy To Install

The clear plastic corner guard comes with an adhesive on the back. All you have to do is to peel the adhesive and stick it at the right place. Thus, it takes only one minute to fix the guard. Since the high-power double-sided adhesive is used, the baby cannot peel it off easily. 

Stick to Any Surface

Whatever type of furniture you have, you can use the clear plastic corner guard and protect it. Whether it is wood, plastic, glass, or steel furniture, a clear plastic corner guard comes in handy.  

Protect Your Furniture

Though the primary purpose of a corner guard is to protect your baby from getting hurt, it also helps to protect your furniture. Careless usage can sometimes result in chipping the corner of the furniture. By installing a corner guard, you can protect the furniture from damage. 

Safe for the baby

The clear plastic corner guard is made of non-toxic, latex-free material and is lead and phthalate-free. Thus, even if the baby bites it, you need not worry. Moreover, the corner guard is fire retardant and odorless. 

Protect Your Babies

Once your baby starts moving around, it is very important to protect them from bumping on corners and sharp edges. Using a clear plastic corner guard, you can baby-proof your house and retain the furniture's visual appeal.