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Child Proofing Cabinets – Protect Your Child from Injuries

Have you considered Child Proofing cabinets in your home yet? If you are expecting a little baby, or you have curious kids that love going through cabinets, you need to make your home as safe as possible.

You don’t want to leave anything to chance, and if done properly Child Proofing your Cabinets will save you a lot of stress and protect the health of your child. Take the time and make the effort to make each room a safe, happy place to live and play!

One thing to have in mind: the sooner you get to it, the better. If you’re expecting a baby, waiting until it turns into a lively toddler is never a good idea and can lead to injuries. The main rule of thumb is, if it can crawl, you’re in trouble.

Identify the risky spots in the house

It is not just the crawling baby and the toddler you need to worry about when it comes to baby-proofing your house, little kids love messing around with “grown up stuff” so much. This is why we made a list of 4 different baby hazards to look out for:

Tupperware is the culprit

Little kids can open Tupperware type containers. Not a safe place for cleaning supplies or other dangerous things.

Lock away dangerous cleaning products

The bright colored laundry and dishwasher packets look so yummy to the little ones– they should be far out of baby’s reach. Lock away bug sprays, poisonous pest traps, dish soaps, anything toxic you have in reachable cabinets or drawers. Also, identify choking hazards by using this simple method: If an item is small enough to fit through the cardboard tube of a toilet paper roll it needs to be placed out of reach.

Make your Cabinets and Drawers – Unreachable

Basically if you don’t want to drill holes in your cabinets, you’ll have to opt for one of the two popular options on the market. The first option is to get a Magnetic Lock, which is a really neat option (especially if you’re into magnets), or you could check out the Adhesive Cabinet Locks. Those are a breeze to use. You just stick them on. Both of them come with their pros and cons as you’ll see a bit further down.

Make a List of Unsafe Areas for Your Baby– Room by Room

Sit down in your kitchen and think of all the areas that your baby has access to when crawling, walking, toddling around–and move things around, use baby safety devices on cabinets, drawers and doors, anything that is potentially hazardous to your precious little child!

Also anchor TVs, bookcases, dressers, mirrors, anything that is unstable that can be pulled over or fall over on top of your child and crush them. Now repeat this step with your living room and bedroom. Basically, any room that it would crawl into.

Now that we have identified why Baby-proofing your house is so important, let’s look at the different options available to secure your cabinets and drawers. As we mentioned previously you can choose between the Magnetic Cabinet Locks and the Adhesive ones. So, what are the main differences?

Magnetic Locks vs Adhesive Cabinet Locks

As the name suggests, Magnetic Locks utilize the power of magnets to keep your cabinets and drawers locked and away from your little child’s fingers. Most of the Magnetic Locks on the market come with a piece that requires drilling, but not the EliteBaby Magnetic Lock. This fact will save you time and effort, plus the no-drill part is a huge plus. You don’t want to be damaging your furniture, if you don’t have to. .

Included in the set are 8 locks and 2 keys. Most Magnetic Locks on the market come as a set of 4 or 6 with only one key, which in our opinion is just not enough. Not the case with EliteBaby! The thing people seem to like the most about this Magnetic Lock is how easy it is to handle it. Literally, a snap to apply. Also the design of it combined with the magnets, lets you keep it hidden inside the drawer. It will be SO much fun letting your kids try and figure out how to open a drawer. Chances are, slim to none. That is how you want your Magnetic Lock to work!

The Adhesive Cabinet Lock is always a good option. Especially if you need something that can be removed easily if needed. Once you decide to move to a bigger house, all you’ll need to do to remove the EliteBaby Adhesive Lock from your drawers is apply some heat from a hairdryer.

Adhesive mounted locks are easy to manage, and will generally require two anchor points to be stuck to the surface of your cabinets. A strap joins both anchors together, preventing your cabinets from being pulled open by a child. Some people do not like the fact that the adhesive Cabinet Locks have to be displayed on the outside. It’s all a matter of taste in the end. Design preferences aside, whichever option you choose, make sure it’s the right one for you and your needs.

As your child starts to get around more, it will definitely begin opening cabinets and drawers. Prevent this especially dangerous activity by creating Child proof Cabinets in places where you store toxic cleaners and other substances, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Make sure you have your Child Proof Locks on, long before they are needed.

Also, rake some basic steps to ensure additional safety. Store all chemicals on a high shelf or cabinet, or even keep them locked away in a storage room. Another word of advice for the new parents: Just because you are sure you have been Child Proofing Cabinets doesn’t mean you can stop supervising your children, as they will always find fresh and creative ways to get injured. Be well.

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