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Child-Proof Your Home with Adhesive Cabinet Locks

Do you have little kids at home that let curiosity get the best of them? Are those mysterious cabinets in the kitchen and in the bathroom, calling them to explore what's inside as they begin to crawl or walk? Do you find toys and other things scattered around the house on a daily level? Are you worried that a cabinet door could shut on your child’s fingers, resulting in serious injury, and looking to baby-proof your home? Then you're looking for the Elite Baby Adjustable Child Safety Cabinet Locks

It is definitely not easy to pick the right kind of Cabinet Locks, especially given the multitude of choices on the market. The best two options according to most people are the Magnetic Locks and the Child Safety Locks, or otherwise known as cabinet locks. The Magnetic Cabinet Locks include a locking mechanism which is hardware mounted inside of your cabinet. The mechanism will not unlock until you open it with a magnetic key.

Adhesive mounted locks are easy to manage, and a less permanent solution to baby proofing your cabinets because they can simply be removed when no longer needed. They will generally require two anchor points to be stuck to the surface of your cabinets. A strap joins both anchors together, preventing your cabinets from being pulled open by a child.

Some people like the adhesive locks better than the hidden magnet locks. They feel that having them on the outside is well worth not having to hunt down the magnet.

Cheap, effective and easy to use, so many parents swear by the adhesive Cabinet Locks, and with good reason, they just work. Just be sure to clean the point of attachment with alcohol first to ensure the adhesive can form the best possible grip to your cabinets. Also, be mindful to read some reviews when purchasing adhesive cabinet locks. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equally. Some barely stick while others are just poorly designed, or they will damage your great looking furniture.

This is why we decided to take some time and research the best possible option for you. We found that the EliteBaby Adjustable Child Safety Locks - 8 Pack have some high ratings and a really good vibe about them.

These Cabinet Locks are made of the best quality available and feature the longest adjustable length on the market. The adjustability is just one of the features that made us choose these Cabinet Locks, over many different options on the market.

Their size is universal and can be installed anywhere and on anything, as long as you don’t mind having them visible all the time. Used them on all your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. The beauty about the EliteBaby Cabinet Lock is that you do not need to drill or screw to install it. Just stick them on and you’re good to go!

When installing them, it will take some trial and error to figure out which side to place, the stationary or the fixed side of the Cabinet Lock as the strap tends to break from wear and tear if it's bent too much. Judging by some people experiences, it will work best if the stationary side is on the moving drawer or cabinet door. It also works best if the two latches are on two parallel surface.

Be sure to NOT to lock/snap the adjustable end until you are sure of the length you want the latches set at. Once it's snapped, they lose the capability to adjust. Other than that, they are easy to install and the 3M double-sided tape adheres well.

The pack contains eight baby Cabinet Locks to secure major cabinets in your house and protect your child from any kind of hazard. The innovative push and slide design allows you simple, one-handed access to the strap. On the other hand, your children will have a hard time figuring out this lock. That was one of the issues that the creators of this product had in mind when making it. To create a child-proof Cabinet Lock that will not be simple to open and close.

If you ever decide you want to move, or your children grow up and you do not have a need for the Cabinet Locks anymore, simply heating those with a hair dryer will make them come off easily and without any residue or damage. Some people also report using coconut oil or another type of furniture safe oil.

To summarize, this product works as expected and you’re sure to fall in love with the "push and slide design." The Cabinet Locks are very easy to install, they are durable, flexible, and will hold up beautifully under heavy duty use. People report all of the Cabinet Locks being in the same place even after 1 year of moderate use.

A thing to be mindful of: if your cabinets are situated in a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight, you might start to notice darker spots when you remove your adhesive Cabinet Locks. This cannot be avoided as your locks protect your cabinet from the sunlight, while the rest fades over time.

Most people wait until their baby turns into a toddler and then start child-proofing their home. By this time it might be a bit late and you’ll probably start panicking about all the different things that need to be finished. If you have a urgent need of baby-proofing your cabinets here’s a good DIY idea; for those of you that have knobs rather than handles, you may be able to keep your young child out with nothing more than a rubber band. Yes, it’s that simple.

All you need to do is find a rubber band or bracelet that will stretch over two cabinet doors and contract tight enough so it doesn’t fly off when the doors are pulled. Make sure to use a thick rubber band.

Hopefully, you’re still relaxed while reading this article, and now you have all the necessary info to make an informed choice. Baby-proofing your house will definitely save you from many stressful situations and you’ll breathe easier knowing your child is safe around the house. These Cabinet Locks will be a great ally on your never-ending quest of child-proofing your home.