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Best Online Birthing Class

Prenatal Birthing Class 

Pregnancy is an exciting journey, and it involves learning new skills and techniques to prepare for the big day and all the things that come with parenthood. To master new skills, you will need to take prenatal classes. In this article, we prepared a list of online classes, so you can find the best online birthing class for you.

Birthing Class Options


This childbirth class is free and is a nine-video series. The class covers all areas of childbirth, including check-ups, contractions, stages of labor, and breastfeeding after giving birth. The class is facilitated by two registered nurses with more than 47 years of combined experience. It also features real-life experiences of expecting parents.


This online birth course costs $100, and it includes access to all monthly webinars with live experts. The class covers all options for childbirth from medicated to unmedicated to C-section.

Kopa Birth

This team offers 2 courses for you to choose from: Essentials Course and Plus Course. 

Essentials course costs $195 and allows 3 months of access to the class. It includes 12+ hours of video and a downloadable course manual. 

Plus the course costs $245 and allows 7 months of access to the class. It includes all features offered in the Essentials course such as the 12+ hours of video and a downloadable course manual. Additionally, it also includes meal plans, prenatal fitness courses, and baby wearing basics.


Another course you may consider as the best online birthing class is Lamaze. They offer 2 main courses and allow you to take individual classes for different lessons.

Labor Basics is a free course for parents. It covers the basics of labor and all areas of childbirth.

Bestsellers Bundle costs $84.95, and it offers 3 courses. It covers safe birthing practices, effective labor pain management, and the breastfeeding basics.

Lamaze also gives you the option to take individual courses:

- Safe Birthing Practices: US$29.95

- Labor Pain Management: US$34.95

- Breastfeeding Basics: US$34.95

Other courses (covers sex, pregnancy and co-parenting): US$29.95–US$34.95

Birth It Up

The full Birth It Up course costs $79, and it’s available for both epidural and non-epidural birth options. The class includes 5-6 hours of video modules, a 74-page ebook, and a private Facebook group. It covers different types of birth such as medicated, breech, VBAC, twins and other types of birth. It also involves labor pain management, pros and cons of epidural birth options, and postpartum recovery. 

A bundle course of “Birth It Up” and “Newborn Basics 101” is also available and costs $119 for both classes. 

Tucson Medical Center

This YouTube video series is free. The course is 5 hours and 45 minutes long and it is recorded from a live birthing class.


There are hundreds of prenatal classes available online. The best online birthing class should be one that matches your personal preferences and your budget.