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Best Cabinet Locks for Baby Proofing

If you’ve just entered that magical phase of life called parenthood, you might be considering getting some Cabinet Locks to baby proof your house.

With so many different option on the market it can get very difficult choosing the best cabinet locks for baby proofing your home. Trying to identify which are great and which are not can take hours of your time.

Sometimes it’s not all about the money.

Usually the prices for baby locks are pretty low, but you don’t want to be ordering new ones every month. Plus some of the cabinet locks on the market will scratch or damage your furniture. Others are so simple to use that even a child can figure them out. You certainly don’t want those.

So before we dive into reviewing the best cabinet locks for baby proofing, it’s essential to understand the basic types of cabinet locks offered on the market, together with their pros and cons.

3M Adhesive Child Locks

This type of cabinet locks for baby proofing are the most commonly used. They do not require any drilling, but you can still damage the surface of your glossy furniture.

Also not all 3M child locks are created equal.

Most people that use them complain about the adhesive being too weak, or their children breaking them off. The price point is definitely lower than their magnetic counterpart (below) but the quality of the product is lower accordingly. Another thing that people don’t appreciate when it comes to adhesive cabinet locks – They tend to be bulky, visible and messy.

U-shaped (plastic) Cabinet Locks

This is another budget option for a family that wishes to baby proof their home. As their name suggests, they are U-shaped locks that slide through handles and lock in place without any installation required. They are mounted from the outside and very visible. Most people report that their kids see these type of locks as a challenge, outsmarting this type of safety lock within days.

There are other kinds of plastic cabinet locks shaped differently, but with these types you really need to invest time reading reviews to figure out which are good and which are not. 

Magnetic Locks

After many hours of research we discovered that Magnetic Cabinet Locks are favored among most new parents. They are easy to mount, impossible to figure out and convenient for use. The price point is a bit higher than the other kinds, but we couldn’t really put a price tag on your baby’s safety.

With the magnetic locks you need to accept that opening doors will be a part of a learning process.

Once you learn how it works, it will be super easy and convenient. Since they tend to be pricey, you could opt to use them in the most affected “hot spots” of your house. Rearrange your cupboards and only lock ones that contain glass, ceramics, porcelain or cleaning stuff.  Plastics and saucepans can remain fair game for the little one.

So now that we have identified that magnetic cabinet locks offer superior protection and convenience, let’s look at these brilliant EliteBaby baby proofing magnetic cabinet locks. After many hours of research they proved to be the best cabinet locks for babyproofing that we could find.

Features: The EliteBaby cabinet locks come as a set of 8 locks and two keys. You might think having two keys isn’t a big deal, but most cabinet locks on the market only include one key in their offer. So if you lose your key, you’re doomed. Your investment goes down the drain. We found some people that use really strong magnets once they lose their key, but you really don’t need to be doing that. Not with EliteBaby.

Why EliteBaby Offers the Best Cabinet Locks for Babyproofing  

 Reason 1 - Design:

The design of the EliteBaby cabinet locks is ingenious. You place one part of it inside the cabinet. Most locks on the market will offer outside solutions, which have proved to be inferior. The EliteBaby magnetic locks let you baby-proof your house without it looking like a toddler play place. If you often get guests in your home, these locks make the decor shift from parenting to hosting so much smoother, compared to all the other kinds. That is one of the reasons we loved this product so much and gave it the title of best cabinet lock for baby proofing.

The EliteBaby cabinet locks come in white, but that doesn’t really matter since you don’t see them at all. They are safely tucked inside your cabinet, guarding the products that might hurt your little one.

Reason #2 - Installation:

No need to drill holes to install your cabinet locks ever again. The 3M adhesive will take care of that! You'll never have to create ugly holes in your drawers, cabinets and other kitchen appliances. Just install the lock inside the drawer or cabinet and use one of the two powerful magnetic keys to open the lock when needed.

Or, if the kids are away, you can set the lock to remain in the open position, so you can use the lock only when needed. This way if you’re having guests over you won’t need to keep unlocking the cabinets for any necessities. What a great feature!

It should take you about 5 minutes to install the locks and have it all wrapped up. Make sure to use these locks on items less than an inch and a half thick.

Reason #3 - Price:

Like we mentioned before, the magnetic locks can get pricey, depending on how many you’ll need. But from a long-term point of view, they will save you time, money and effort. You won’t need to replace broken locks, you won’t need to worry if your curious toddler will figure them out and you’ll be able to disengage them for any amount of time necessary. We’re talking about great value, and convenience at its best.

Check The EliteBaby Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks Here

So next time you’re wondering which are the best cabinet locks for babyproofing, make sure you check the magnetic ones.