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Babyproof Your House with the Best Cabinet Locks

Child Proofing Your Home

We all know when our little angels start to understand the world around them. They are so curious and love exploring things, and you know what that means.

As soon as your baby starts crawling she will start opening everything around the house. The objects that interest them the most are cabinets, drawers, cords, and everything else you tell them not to touch. Once your baby turns into a toddler you will need to baby proof your home, starting from the knees down.

The cabinets for example, are filled with everyday household items that are not safe for toddlers. The best thing to do is lock them up high, and out of reach. Any contact your baby has with those substances can be quite dangerous. Approximately one in every three children gets injured in the household just by being curious. And we all know that there isn’t a child on this world that doesn’t want to touch or taste everything around them. Especially once they're told not to.

Even the smallest things you didn’t consider can cause huge accidents. The pan or the cup might have sharper edges than usual. You stacked the plates on the table and your little explorer manages to pull the bottom one. You’ve forgotten the detergent in the lower cabinet. All these cases just prove how necessary it is to lock up those cabinets so your toddler can be safe and your minds at ease. Because let’s face it - we don’t have the energy to run after them the entire day.

How do you baby proof your cabinets?

After years of facing these problems, we've found the most effective solution to be our EliteBaby magnetic cabinet locks. They come in a set of 8 locks and two magnetic keys. They are installed inside the cabinets. It is super easy to install them. They come with a 3M adhesive tape, so you won’t have to worry about drilling holes. When you put the magnetic key near the lock the cabinet unlocks. Go ahead and get whatever you need and then just close the cabinet without the key. The system even lets you switch the magnets off. This way if you have guests over, it will be more convenient to have the cabinets unlocked, if you need anything from the kitchen.  

The Magnetic Cabinet Locks by EliteBaby are so simple to use. This is why we recommend to place the keys at high reach, so only adults can access them at all times. Also make sure you always place them at the same spot, so you don’t end up looking for the keys everywhere. The point is to keep the little ones out of the cabinets, not yourself.

How to install the Magnetic Cabinet Locks?

No need to drill all those holes to install them, the 3M adhesive will take care of that. You really do not need to be damaging your drawers, cabinets and other kitchen appliances. All you have to do is spot clean an area of the cabinet/drawer, apply the 3M adhesive, let it settle for 24 hours, then use it.  All can be done with less than 3 minutes of work. Best if it’s used on items less than an inch and a half thick.

How are EliteBaby products different from our competition?

This innovative magnetic cabinet lock system will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Built with a sleek and meticulously designed system, you will get a good looking product that functions just as you would imagine it. Just as it should.

In this set are 8 locks and 2 keys – allowing you to secure multiple locations in your house as well as placing keys throughout the house for easy access when needed. Keep in mind to place them out of children’s reach.

Unlike other cabinet locks and drawer latch solutions, the EliteBaby magnetic set achieves the security you’re looking for without sacrificing the look and style of your home. You won’t have to worry how they go with your furniture, because they’re simply invisible. You place them inside of the drawer and then a strong magnet takes care of the rest. Guests won't notice a thing!

EliteBaby Cabinet Latches

These Safety Locks by Elite Baby are a great and budget friendly Baby-proofing solution:

“Do you have a little one that's getting very curious about what's hiding in those mysterious cabinets as they begin to crawl or walk?”

“Are toys and other things being flushed down the toilet? Does your toddler want to crawl through the pet door like the family cat or dog?”

The EliteBaby Cabinet Latches are made of the best quality, non-toxic materials available, and they have the longest adjustable length on the market. This means you’ll be able to install them anywhere and on anything. They're durable, flexible, and will hold up beautifully under heavy duty use. 

These baby proofing cabinet locks secure furniture, appliances, and doors to protect your child from harm. With these Cabinet Latches you’ll be able to secure the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room. They are super-easy to use, and they offer great value for the price.

How do you install the Cabinet Latches?

These are baby proof cabinet latches with industrial strength 3M foam tape that can hold up to 55 lbs.  They were made for heavy-duty daily use. The 3M adhesive bonds to all materials and is removed easily without damaging surfaces or leaving behind any residue.

Straightforward and effortless installation within seconds with no need for tools or drilling. Lock by simply adjusting the strap to the desired length, peel off the adhesive from both pads, and attach to cleaned surface.

Simple yet genius! To remove the Cabinet Latches simply heat the 3M foam tape with hair dryer on low heat until loose, then remove pads. No damage and no residue is left.

So if you want to be at peace while your toddler is running amok all over your house, you need some of these cabinet locks. You can never be 100% sure that your child is safe, but the Cabinet Locks will help you get to 99%.