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At What Age Do You Stop Burping Your Baby

Understanding Baby Burping

Burping is one of the most important tasks for babies. Whether the baby is breastfeeding or using the bottle, they will take in some air. The air needs to be released from the belly as it can cause choking and vomiting. Babies feel uncomfortable when there is so much air trapped in their stomachs and this is why burping is essential. However, if you are a new parent you may be wondering at what age do you stop burping your baby.

Understanding that your baby is different is one of the things that you should always have at the back of your mind. Just as with other developmental milestones, each baby may be different. Parents agree that burping is not really one of those tasks that they are excited about. The good news is that at some point, your baby will be old enough to burp without your help. Before that time, you have to keep helping the baby with this important task, which starts on day one.

So at what age do you stop burping your baby? This is a fair question to ask when you are not sure about it. What you should know is that as your baby starts to grow, they can manage burping without any assistance. There are some parents who stop burping their little ones after a few weeks while others continue past the 1-year mark. This just means that babies are different and grow at different rates.

When is the Best Time to Stop Burping Your Baby?

Most parents keep asking, at what age do you stop burping your baby? In most cases, it is safe to stop burping anywhere between 4 and 9 months. However, what you should know is that this is more of a development issue and not an issue of age. Some of the indicators would be when your baby is able to sit on their own without any support and can move around easily. The safety of your little one is far more important than anything else.

As a mother, you will actually tell that your baby no longer needs manual burping. Did you know that there are some babies who never seem to burp? This is the case of babies being different. If you feel that your baby cannot do without burping, then it means that you should not stop. All you should know is that there are no two babies who are the same, including twins. With this in mind, you will treat your baby uniquely and ensure that they are well-taken care of.

Final Thoughts

At what age do you stop burping your baby? In conclusion, there is no clear-cut sign that it is time to stop burping. The good news is that this is a phase that will also pass as with the others. You can be sure that when the right time comes to stop burping you will surely know it. If you are not sure, always feel free to consult an expert for advice and guidance.