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8 Month Old Separation Anxiety

Navigating Separation Anxiety 

There is nothing more heart wrenching for a parent, especially a mother, than seeing their little one scream their lungs out in anguish, showing the fear of being left behind, ignored or not getting attention. It is never a pleasant sight, but it is a situation that cannot be avoided when a child must go through the sequential stages of development. This crisis is called Separation Anxiety which begins to surface in babies from eight months and counting. 

Separation Anxiety which is totally different from stranger anxiety represents a disorder where a child cannot do without the presence of their parents because they see them as idols that they desire around them 24 hours.

8 month old baby separation anxiety is a disorder in babies that shows evidence of growth, independence and the ability to differentiate caregivers from any other stranger. On the one hand, this is a good thing because as earlier mentioned, it’s a sign that the brain is at work and an attachment has been built, and they trust the parent totally. However normal this development may sound, it is still a disorder but the question is, how can you tell?


- Extraordinary clinginess.

- An unwillingness to allow anyone even within an inch close to them once a parent is within reach.

- Crying more when a parent is unavailable.

- Never wants to be dropped off anywhere even if it’s at grandparents.

- Always at their best when cuddling and close up to mom or dad.

- Then the most obvious, when you call after 30 mins and the little one is still screaming their lungs out! 

These are all the signs you need to know you have a disorder in your hands, and it’s not going to go away in a snap. 


- You accept the fact that your baby loves you to death, and you mean the world to them. Accept that this is a phase every parent must go through, and it is never easy to handle. It is a positive sign even if people try to make you think otherwise; just focus on the results.

- You let your baby make mistakes and don’t always play Superman or Woman who comes rushing to save the day. These are the very acts that make babies feel like; ‘I’d be hopeless without you!’ The little one needs to experience that first fall, so they know pain is also part of playing.

- You try to never leave your babies in a hurry. There will always be a routine you can’t ignore like, meeting early office time or rushing off to do shopping or laundry. However, in that moment of trying to be timely, add extra time for your baby before you take off. It helps the leaving less emotional and dramatic, and then they get so wrapped up in the environment and toys, your slow and ignorable absence is totally unfelt. 

Final Thoughts

Make distractions available for the long term. From baby electronic toys, television rhymes, acquaintance with nature, and so much more. You could even do a video call with your baby and make some sweet promises that will get them giggly and happy. It’s just the quick way of being present when you're not present. 

An eight-month-old baby separation anxiety is super tasking to handle both for new parents, parents who have a 9-5 job and single parents. It gets overwhelming initially, but once a baby breaks through the anxiety, it is rewarding.