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7 Month Old Sleep Problems

Baby Can't Sleep?

When you have a newborn baby, there are so many new things that you will keep discovering with them as they grow. If there is something that worries most parents is when they have a baby that does not sleep. The first time this happens usually is at 4 months and then it may occur again at seven months. The 7 month old sleep problems can be quite depressing and tiring for both the baby and the parent. Some of the common signs that show your baby is suffering from sleep regression include loss of appetite, fussiness, and shorter naps among others.

Ideally, by the time a baby gets to seven months, they are supposed to be sleeping longer at night. In fact, there are those that sleep for up to 12 hours without any problems. At this age, you may want to get rid of any toys that may distract their sleep. Sleep regression is a critical part of the development of the baby and this may alter the baby’s sleeping habits. If you have experienced sleep regression in the first few months of the newborn, you will have an idea of what to expect with the 7 month old sleep problems.

For most babies, 7 months is a stage where they learn so many new skills. As such, they are curious to practice these skills and this can keep them awake for prolonged periods. With some training, you and your baby can overcome the sleeping problems.

How to Deal Sleep Problems

Have you noticed that your baby has so many things going on in their lives at 7 months? They will start grasping things, sitting without any help, crawling, and even attempting to stand. As they struggle to master these new skills they may suffer sleep regression. So how do you handle 7 month old sleep problems? First and foremost, you ought to remember that there are many things that your baby is trying out. Babies will spend a lot of energy and effort trying to grasp the new skills and this may affect their sleeping patterns.

While you may assume that this is a difficult phase for you, it is even harder and confusing for your baby. At this time, they will need a lot of reassurance and comfort as well as more food than usual. Simple things like hugs and cuddles can work wonders when they are in this phase. Avoid getting the baby too tired and if possible make them take naps during the day. You can also make efforts to have an earlier bedtime and in a short while, they outgrow this stage.


Do not let your mind get overworked by 7 month old sleep problems. Remember that this is just a temporary stage and will not last more than a month. While both of you can get frustrated and tired, your baby really needs you to get through this phase. Give them all the encouragement and support that you can afford.